10 Get-to-Know’s about the 2016 Olympics

Get-to-know Rio Games 2016

Get-to-know Rio Games 2016

With the Olympics this year, the usual controversies and scandals hitting an Olympic meeting are at an all-time high. Every Olympics season brings intense, sensational games and also high-voltage controversies and this season is no better.

Russia, for one, is often in the center of doping controversies. In the last season, a case against Russians athletes doing dope was lodged, though it was only after the event that witnesses were found. This year there is a ban on Russian players because of reports of Russian players using performance-enhancing drugs. This was followed by the startling news that such doping practices are supported by the State, leaving many dumbfounded. Nonetheless, a number of Russian players have appealed to the IOC to defend them as they are clean. The organisation decided that it is up to different federations themselves to allow or ban Russian athletes, which made bookmakers react by lowering odds in general.

Get-to-Know’s about the 2016 Olympics

Well, before the reports hit the news-stands let’s take a look at what’s so different about this year’s Rio Olympics?


9 Get-to-Know’s about the 2016 Olympics




Former Super Model Giesele Bünchden will be hosting the Olympics. Yay! That’s a little weird though! I don’t underestimate Giesele’s potential but she’s damn hot! The thing is, are the Olympics sponsors using her as a strategy to distract participants from the game? (Well, can’t say much about the athletes but the audience will find it hard to take their eyes off her.)


Non sponsor brands are not allowed to use “Olympics” words in any of their advertisements, promotions, and events.



It does not stop here. As Adweek recently reported, until the games are over, none of them is allowed to even use Olympics-related words as hash tags, in any possible term as in the list below:



This Rio Olympics will be the first to introduce Olympians born in the year 2000 onwards. Some games demand Olympians born in 2003, but the criteria is they should be born before 1 January 2003. Something to look forward to anyway.



This year, the Rio games are also allowing refugees to participate.



The Rio games 2016 is hoping to bring 70,000 volunteers on board and that, too, mostly from Brazil. Even so, applicants from the U.S, Russia, China and U.K. have already been enrolled.



Since the evil schemes of Islamic State (ISIS) are universally acknowledged many times over, this year security has been doubled. The London Olympic 2012 games saw around 40,000 security personnel working round the clock. To-date, Rio has signed in 85,000 soldiers to guard this precious event.



Golf is back after taking a break and vacationing for 112 years, the longest in the history of any game.



Rugby makes its debut at the Rio Olympics.



The world’s biggest betting company Bet365 bookmaker, in compare to other British odds makers is offering best odds on the Olympics competitions.