Wimbledon betting offers

We’ll start off with a highlight from bet365, which you should keep in touch with regularly throughout the London tournament given that they stream games live in real time. The bonus code MAXBETS will pave the way for a cool 100% bonus up to £200.

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It is the third Grand Slam tournament of the year and the most prestigious in the tennis world. Wimbledon is back and along with the glittering star names it brings forth a host of Wimbledon tennis betting offers which we think are looking good. Here’s the low down on what the top bookmakers are offering.
And do not worry about where to wager the funds. The Wimbledon betting offers at bet365 will tackle the event from as many angles as possible, as tradition commands. bet365 are also still offering a 50% bonus on Wimbledon tennis accumulators including matches from all the top tennis tournaments and events. This applies to pre-match accumulators on to “Win Match”, “First Set Winner” and “Set Betting” markets for singles and doubles matches.

Wimbledon promotions and free bets

Tickets for Wimbledon are hard to find. We know. Betfair knows. And the latter are doing something about it. For every €25 you wager on tennis on any day you will be adding your name to the draw for a pair of tickets to the Sunday Men’s final.

Rewarding consistency is also Unibet’s Wimbledon promotion. For every four live bets on the tournament – each at minimum odds of 1.40 and minimum stake of €5 – you will get a risk free bet of up to €5.

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At Redbet the competition runs within the competition. There are €250 to be shared among those with the most winning bets in this Wimbledon betting offer. The promotion kicks off once the quarter finals start and will last until the two finals. The winner will get €125. €75 will go to the player taking second place and €50 for third place.

Weather expectations

We all know how special Wimbledon is in the tennis calendar. It comes as no surprise that we get some quirky specials on the tournament. Just as we should not be surprised that a good number revolve around the Wimbledon weather expectations. It will be the typical English Wimbledon weather …or will it?

William Hill are taking bets on the hottest day of the year to be recorded during Wimbledon 2015. A positive recording will pay off at odds of 9.00. If the temperature is in excess of 100F on any of the tournament days your stake gets multiplied by 17.

wimbeldon william hill bonus
If we go the other extreme and get snow to make Wimbledon unusually Christmassy the initial stake of the risk-taking player will be multiplied by 251. Ok so that may be a little too extreme but if you are willing to bet that no rain will fall on the courts during play this year then you can smile at the odds on offer of 11.00.

Running out of strawberries

Odds are also high on Wimbledon strawberries or champagne running out – 34.00. On the other hand, if that seems unlikely, it is less so for a player to be asked to change clothing due to non compliance with the strict Wimbledon attire regulations. William Hill will be offering odds of 2.00 for that happening.

‘Excessive grunting on court’. That’s how William Hill labels it. If any player gets cautioned for that infraction and you are willing to risk money on it happening at any point that money wagered bets to be backed up by hefty odds of 9.00.

The men’s competition

2008 was the first time after five years since we had witnessed someone other than Federer lift the coveted trophy on the green Wimbledon lawn. That someone was Rafael Nadal who repeated himself two years later but has since lost his way among the many injuries that have plighted his career, especially in recent years. The Spaniard is now ranked seventh in the ATP rankings and is currently fourth favourite to land the title according to bookmakers. Ahead of him, the big three of course.

The Swiss champion may be headed towards the sunset, on his way to 34, but still oozing enough class to be considered a menace to the other contenders of Wimbledon 2015. He last won the tournament three years ago defeating Andy Murray in four sets after losing the first one.

The crowd’s favourite, flying the British flag, is considered more likely to come out on top this time round though. He may be less classy in his game than his Swiss counterpart but age is his ally and has shown he is learning having won the tournament one year after that 2012 defeat. With just one victory under his belt in Wimbledon though he is in debt with his fans and a whole nation.

Tournament favourite Djokovic is ranked the favourite by bookmakers. He can boast two victories already, including last year’s, but is gearing up for another to surpass Nadal and edge closer to Federer. It would still be a long way off but he has to start adding more Wimbledon titles to his tally if he is to ever match the Swiss legend.

One of Boris Becker’s famous quotes, three time winner at Wimbledon, is about the joy in the game.

“I love winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I love to play.” – Boris Becker

The women’s competition

We had a quick look at the big four in the men’s category. They have dominated for the past twelve years and you can expect one of them to rise again to the occasion this time round. Turning on to the Ladies we can also indicate a dominating force in the Williams sisters. Since the year 2000 Venus and Serena have been on and off the charts.

The youngest of the two has matched Venus’ four titles at Wimbledon in 2012 and is set as the favourite for this year’s edition once again. Not far off the mark, according to bookmakers, is 25-year old Czech sensation Petra Kvitova who won the tournament twice already, including last year’s tournament. That’s one more than her most famous colleague Sharapova who ranks third according to the odds.

We usually get more surprises in the Ladies’ tournament with the most notable in the past years being the appearance of Mauresmo and Bartoli in the hall of fame of Wimbledon winners, in 2006 and 2013 respectively. So thread lightly when going for a winner here.


When going for your short list of winners and players to look out for in the single match bets you should keep in mind that securing a reliable list involves having a closer look at performance in the main tournaments preceding Wimbledon. Noting the level of difficulty in these tournaments is imperative as ATP 250 and WTA International events are easier to go through and thus less indicative of who can glisten and shine Wimbledon 2015.

Judge winners from their serve and return game. We’re on grass here and these qualities are gold. Players who rank very well on these qualities are a solid choice to go ahead until the final stages. That is due to the lawn being a very fast surface, rewarding the players who can control to precision where they place the ball returned and who can count on a serve that is quick and strong.

Net game can help you lock on some potential winners too. It is less likely that players go for this kind of game on grass these days but those with some strength in their shot will have more net game than the rest. Slicing the ball on grass will be a great weapon to use for players capable at this aspect of the game and as such you should take note and jot down notes.

The Centre Court of Wimbledon

It is not the only tennis court at Wimbledon of course otherwise the tournament would last much longer than the scheduled two weeks. Just like the rest of the courts, however, the Wimbledon Centre Court is a grass surface court. It involves much more work to maintain a grass surface court than it would a clay surface. Yet there is more prestige involved and Wimbledon cannot pass that over. With the Australian Open going for the hard court Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam major still being played on grass.

The typical English weather helps in maintaining that green hue and allure. On the other hand it would nonetheless be a troublesome variable when it means that rain disturbs play and forces suspension of matches. Rest assured we’ll get some of that again in Wimbledon 2015.

Since 2009, however, a retractable roof was put in place for the Wimbledon Centre Court. It still would require organizers to keep a close eye on Wimbledon weather forecasts though. That way they could anticipate rain and allow for the ten minutes it takes for the roof to completely seal the court and a the 45-minute of acclimatization via the air-conditioning system.

While we’re on the subject William Hill will pay out at odds of 251.00 if the Wimbledon Centre Court roof has to close up due to snowfall. Not getting one single drop of rain will pay at 11.00.

Wimbledon tickets

The Wimbledon Centre Court can hold up to 15000 spectators. So you would think that getting tickets might not be as difficult as the big resounding name of the tournament would imply. Well, it is.

Online availability of tickets can be checked at www.ticketmaster.co.uk with a number of tickets sold only the day before the matches. In case of any doubts when buying online tickets you can check with regards to authentication by contacting AELTC.

Regular subscribers to the Wimbledon newsletters will get preferential access, being delivered details of purchase earlier. There are a limited number of tickets which will be made available at the turnstiles and for which you will need to queue.

As mentioned in our Wimbledon betting offers section, one more manner in which you can get hold of two rare tickets to the men’s Wimbledon final is by betting a minimum of €25 on tennis on any day of the prestigious tournament. For every day you do that you will get an entry into the draw.

No selfies please

Well Wimbledon 2015 is not actually banning selfies, but the selfie stick. Recycling an idea from around 30 years ago the infamous selfie stick, or ‘narcisstick’ as some have dubbed it, has been reintroduced to the masses as of last year and has since increased in popularity. So much so that the Wimbledon organizers have sought to launch a pre-emptive strike and ban the wand altogether.

It joins the list of other prohibited items on Wimbledon’s courts. The self-explanatory ones would include the sharp objects such as knives and corkscrews. It’s not a stadium so no large flags, flares, rattles or klaxons. It is not Tomorrowland either so no tents, camping seats, thermos flasks or marijuana either. As of this year the selfie stick joins this long list of no-nos.
The reasoning behind it would officially be that it can irritate people who are looking to have a clear view of the tennis court, just the same as a flag would, more or less. It could also of course turn into a beating stick. tempers might flare if a fan gets annoyed and, you know, those selfies sticks are quite robust. Unofficially though, Wimbledon does fear that the modern gadget takes away from the tradition and style of the tennis the tournament tries to promote.

Wimbledon live

Wimbledon 2015 can be followed live on Bet365. As in past years, and as they do pretty much with all of the big tournaments from the world of tennis, Bet365 will be streaming the games in real time. So if have not managed to get tickets or would like to steal a few peeks at Wimbledon while at work there are few other places to go to online.

bet366 will have a host of in-play markets available during the matches. Please note though that the Live Streaming service is geo-blocked in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Finland, Italy, Switzerland and USA.

While on the Bet365 platform, with all the live betting markets staring you in the face you should keep in mind that using the bet365 bonus code MAXBETS will give access to a 100% bonus up to £200.

People to follow on Twitter

For more information on what is to come and what to expect from this much awaited tournament we recommend you follow closely these people on Twitter. You will get continuous updates, the latest news on Wimbledon 2015 and some fine Wimbledon betting tips on the potential Wimbledon winners for this year.

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“For me, and most of the other players, too, if you had to pick one of the four Grand Slams, you would pick Wimbledon. It’s got tradition, it’s got atmosphere, and it’s got mystique.” – Stefan Edberg

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