Affiliate marketing – How Does it work?

Have you ever wondered where the bonus codes for all the casinos and bookmakers, hotels and airlines, shops and online games come from? How is it that some websites are in position to give their users a bonus code activating offers for the site that the bonus code is actually valid for? The answer is something called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is a way of marketing that helps promoting a brand through other companies. So a big brand gets promoted by a multitude of different sites in order to reach the widest range of potential customers. However, nothing in business is free – especially not promotion. The affiliate sites aren’t advertising the brand because they are that fond of it – they are driven by money. Brand owners are sharing revenue with them. And in most cases it’s a win-win situation. Affiliate sites are earning money for the thing they do best – which is advertising the brand. And the brand owners are happy with all the new customers they might never have reached if it wasn’t for the affiliates.



How does affiliate marketing work?

The Pineapple Metaphor

Let’s say you sell organic fruit. Your best goods are your pineapples. You believe your pineapples are better than the ones sold by the competition at the same local marketplace your business is located. In order to let people know where your pineapple stand is you hire a guy (let’s call him Carl) who greets people at the entrance to the marketplace and tells them all about your stand and your organic pineapples.

Cocktail Pineapple

Affiliate marketing is like selling pineapples (Source:

However Carl is an honest man and he wants people to buy the best produce possible. He knows you and he has tasted your pineapples. Whenever he would be asked about the best pineapples he would instantly send the customers to you. But if somebody wants the best coconuts in the market he is convinced that Jamie from alley three has coconuts that are better than yours (and frankly, you know it too). So if someone asked Carl about coconuts he wouldn’t hesitate to steer them towards Jamie.

But you want your pineapples sold so you make an agreement with Carl: when a customer says a special password, let’s say “I’m in a mood for a Piña colada”, they get a special deal – an extra pineapple, a 10% discount… whatever you decide to offer. As a rule it is a better deal than the customers could normally get.

What’s in it for Carl? He gets a share of the money you made thanks to Carl’s effort. What is in it for you? You sell more pineapples. It’s a win-win situation!

In this simple analogy you are the business owner, Carl is an affiliate marketer and pineapples are tasty… (and they serve as a symbol for a service). And hopefully the pineapple metaphor helped you understand the process of affiliate marketing a bit better.

What does all of this have to do with has deals with a lot of bookmakers and casino operators. We are one of the biggest in the market with some close connections with the brands like bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes etc.

However, this doesn’t mean that we are promoting them because of the deal. Our main goal is to provide our users with all the relevant information about the bookmakers and let them decide whether on not they want to sign up at a particular bookmaker.

Our partners supply us with a lot of special deals for our users that help us promote them. We are the first ones that are informed about a change of offer (so our content is always up to date), we get unique offers and a heads up every time there is a special action – for example, when a big game or tournament is coming up.

Here are examples of the ‘special treatment’ bookies give us:

  • better registration deals
  • free bets
  • no deposit bonuses
  • a heads up every time there is a new offer or changes in the terms and conditions
  • a heads up whenever there is a special deal for a big event

The bookies inform us, we inform you. This way we are all one big well informed family of betting lovers.

How critical are we?

Very critical. We are trying to fight for the best offers on behalf of our users. This way we help more users find the best bookie for them and the bookmakers have more punters redirected from us.

We believe there is great value in being honest. It only makes sense that a user who has been lied to would not go back to register with the page again. If we want to maintain our users we have to keep them happy. And the best way for that to happen is to give them exactly what they expect from us.

This is why we check each bookmaker thoroughly before recommending it to anyone. This is why all our reviews are long and informative. This is also the reason we conduct tests like The Bookmaker Customer Service Test where we quizzed influential bookies evaluating the level of the customer service in all of them.

We are also very confident in our accuracy. For example, if you register to one of the bookmakers we are promoting using our bonus code and it doesn’t work you will get gift card for £20 to Pizza Express.

Want to know more?

We are happy to address any doubts you may have. If you still have questions about us, bookmakers offers or bonus codes, get in touch: We have live chat (bottom right corner of the window) or email

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