2018 World Cup | Qualifying Team Guide | France

France World Cup History

It has been 20 years since the French national team won the World Cup, back on their home turf in 1998. They bested Brazil 3 – 0. France World Cup history was immortalised in the same evening as fans started chanting: Et 1, et 2, et 3, zéro … You will still hear this quasi psalm in France games when stakes are high. A reminder of past glory, or inspiration for the new generation to repeat their forbearers feat? One thing is certain, after twenty years, fans only want one thing: a new chant, a new score, a new victory …

  • Fifa Ranking: 9
  • Tournament Best: Champions 1998
  • World Cup Appearances: 14

The Road to Russia

Let’s be honest, it was not smooth sailing … A draw against Luxembourg? The Luxembourgish players were celebrating as if they had won the game. A painful loss against Sweden too. Lloris’ last minute attempt to become Manuel Neuer turned sour when Toivonen scored from the midfield line. However, there were some great successes. France did win twice in a row against the Netherlands. Once with a 4 – 0 finish, making them miss their first World Cup since 1986. Those victories were crowned when the squad secured group A’s top position.

Les Bleus – L’équipe parfaite?

France World Cup Team

France’s players line up for a team photo prior to an international friendly soccer match between Germany and France in Cologne, Germany, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner) @ Polfoto

Griezmann, Fékir, Lacazette, Mbappé, Martial, Lloris, Kanté, Giroud, Coman, Sissoko, Rabiot, Koscielny, Digne, Umtiti, Varane, Jallet … How do you choose? How do you choose from a stellar roster of international players? Didier Deschamps possibly has a hard task ahead of him. He’ll have five friendlies in 2018 to help him decide. They will be against Colombia, the USA, Italy, and Russia, the host itself. The fifth opponent is yet to be announced. Will Didier go with a classic Griezmann / Giroud front line or will he mix things up a little. We’re in to witness some strange squads over the next few games, in order for Didier to see what works.

No team is flawless and France has two main flaws. They have possibly the strongest attack on earth but their defence tends to vary. It’s still a very good one but it’s not all star like the front line. Finally, and maybe the biggest issue for the French team, they are far from consistent. The players don’t play together that often and that can prove a problem. They might have four fantastic games at the world cup and sink the fifth … If they want to win they’ll have to unite and become a team, not a wealth of talented players put together.

France World Cup Coach – Didier

Didier Deschamps has been training the national squad since 2012 and somewhat successfully. He managed a good World Cup in 2014. The team was only pushed out of the Cup by Germany, the winners … fair enough. He also did a great job during the 2016 Euro Cup, leading the French team to the final game. Unfortunately, they lost to Portugal in extra time. He himself captained France twice to victory. First in 1998, when he became the first French captain to win the World Cup and then again in 2000 when he won the Euro Cup. Playing on home turf seems to work like a charm for the French squad. His main flaw, some say, is that he tends to be sentimental about the players he let loose on the pitch. How long did Évra play?

France World Cup Group Stage

Well, this is not the hardest group. Let’s not jinx it but we believe that France could come out on top. With Australia, Peru and Denmark on their way, the sky seems clear. Australia, well, they’re great at Rugby. Peru, unfortunately, have just seen their main player handed a 12 month ban by FIFA for substance abuse. That leaves us with Denmark. Kong Christian Eriksen, the man to watch, impressed everyone with his hat trick during the qualifying match against Ireland. He has an incredible strike and plays with one of the best clubs in the world. Hopefully, it should be smooth sailing …