Hillary Clinton Retains Lead Over Donald Trump Despite Emails Investigation

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  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go head to head on the 8th November

The United States will elect its 45th president one week from today, on November 8th 2016, with democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and republican nominee Donald Trump the clear frontrunners for the Oval Office.

And as the presidential election reaches fever pitch, Bonuscodebets.co.uk statistics show audiences from all over the world are increasing there betting activity in an attempt to make a quick profit from one of the more comical races for office in recent memory.

In fact, Bonuscodebets.co.uk betting partner Ladbrokes has evidence that indicates audiences in the United Kingdom are particularly interested in seeing who emerges triumphant between Clinton and Trump.

According to the data, the average stake placed on Trump to win the vote by UK citizens is $8.30 (£6.79), while Britons have wagered an average of $10.40 (£8.51) on his opponent, Clinton.


Average stake per candidate in the UK

Trump 8.3 USD    Clinton 10.40 USD

Punters are generally betting more on the Clinton Camp with the stakes higher, but will that change in the coming days. Check out some of our stats below to see how the market has been developing recently.

Biggest bets known to us are:

  • 61.223 USD Clinton at 1/5
  • 24.489 USD Trump at 9/2 from customer who also had the same winning bet on Brexit.

3 UK cities that bet on Trump to win (%):


  • 41 for Trump
  • 39 for Clinton


  • 45 for Trump
  • 40 for Clinton


  • 50 for Trump
  • 42 for Clinton

election day

Here are how the odds changed in real time (expressed as percentages) when the story on Clinton’s emails broke:

Friday – story breaks

  • HC 79%
  • DT 21%

Friday 30 mins after story breaks

  • HC 76%
  • DT 24%

Friday hour after story breaks

  • HC 73%
  • DT 27%

Saturday morning 9.00 UK time

  • HC 71%
  • DT 29%

Saturday 11.00 UK time

  • HC 69%
  • DT 31%

Chances of winning over time

2014 Q1 33%2014 Q1 –
2014 Q2 37%2014 Q2 –
2014 Q3 40%2014 Q3 0.02%
2014 Q4 40%2014 Q4 0.05%
2015 Q1 44%2015 Q1 1%
2015 Q2 48%2015 Q2 1.5%
2015 Q3 50%2015 Q3 11%
2015 Q4 58%2015 Q4 17%
2016 Q1 64%2016 Q1 31%
2016 today 68%2016 today 15%


Alexander Kostin, Bonuscodebets.co.uk: “The closer to the day of election, the more people jump on the betting bandwagon. Big stories like accusations of Trump’s sexual assaults provide spikes in performance. For example, Trump attracted 77% of stakes and 81% of bets due to Clinton’s emails investigation last week”.

The Daily Mail recently reported Clinton still holds a six-point lead over Trump with a week to go despite last week’s FBI bombshell, and British audiences have responded by betting roughly 24% more on the democrat.

It’s also interesting to see Ladbrokes reveal Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool as three cities betting more favourably on Trump, a candidate whom many would agree identifies closer to the right wing than the left.

It’s especially intriguing all three of those UK cities accounted for a Remain majority during the EU referendum, per BBC News, indicating some foreign audiences feel Trump has a real chance at causing an upset.

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