A Sit Down with John Barnes – 30th July 2020 – Premier League Tips

With the Premier League season now concluded which saw his first club, Watford, relegated from the Premier League. We spoke to BonusCodeBets ambassador, John Barnes. The former Liverpool and Watford midfielder shared his thoughts on Morelos potentially leaving Rangers, whether Troy Deeney will stay at Vicarage Road, and Jack Grealish being valued at £80m.

John Barnes Exclusive: Morelos situation is a huge setback for Rangers

John-BarnesMorelos leaving Rangers would be a huge setback for them because he scores a lot of goals – he’s got some disciplinary problems as well – but he’s the one scoring the goals. Whether they can replace him, we don’t know. Rangers can’t do anything about that, with other clubs being financially stronger they can’t offer him enough money to stay, so if he decides to go then he’ll go. What they really want is players who are committed to the cause, you don’t want players who aren’t going to be happy at the club? Although they say they’ll do anything to keep him, if he’s not happy and he stays then that’s no good to anyone.

John Barnes Exclusive: Troy Deeney is Mr. Watford, and the type of player they should want to keep

Troy Deeney has got one year left on his contract and has been at Watford a long time, he’s Mr. Watford if you like. I don’t think any of the top 10 teams will be interested with Deeney at his age, whether he’d want to stay in the Premier League and prove himself elsewhere, I don’t know. He himself has said that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the future in terms of what Watford’s plans are.

Whether they will have to be selling players on high wages, we don’t know. I know that Troy (Deeney) loves Watford and that he’d love to see them come back up, but from a financial point of view he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with the club. I know he’ll give a 100% if he stays and he’s a player that’ll still run through a brick wall for the team, he’s the type of player that Watford would want to keep. However, whether he thinks staying is right for himself, I don’t know.

John Barnes Exclusive: Jack Grealish is worth £80m if someone wants to pay it for him

You’re worth whatever someone is prepared to pay for you, so if someone will pay £80m for Jack Grealish then he’s worth that. If not then they’ll maybe drop to £50m, this is what negotiations are all about. Equally, someone could offer £110m or £70m etc. What he’s worth is not important, it’s whether the team buying him agree on the value, what they think he’ll bring to the team, and whether he does indeed bring that kind of value. If he goes for £80m and the club believes he’s worth that, afterwards they’ll be proved right or wrong.

John Barnes Exclusive: Jordan Henderson isn’t the best player, but well worthy of winning Football Writer’s Player of the Year

In this day and age, it’s probably the right decision (Henderson winning Football Writers’ Player of the year), because football has changed. In the olden days it would have been decided simply on who’s the best player. Of course, he’s played great, but I don’t think anyone would say he’s been the best player in the Premier League when you take the entire season into consideration.

However, he’s played really well for Liverpool, he’s been a leader, an inspiration and was great in the way the way he conducted himself and others regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and bringing in the ‘Players Together’ initiative. So, considering the responsibility of modern footballers to be good role models, I think he is a very worthy recipient of the award.

John Barnes Exclusive: Even if Arsenal win this weekend, they have not had a better season than Chelsea

As much as winning a trophy is nice, with the FA and League Cups, a run of six games can lead to the trophy. The teams who’ve had the best seasons are the teams who finished closer to the top. I remember when Arsenal fans were disgruntled with Arsene Wegner and were calling for a trophy win to make everyone happy – they won 2 FA Cups in 3 years, but they were still unhappy and got rid of him.

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