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A Double Bet Calculator is a handy tool that punters can easily use to calculate the total returns of double bets placed in a range of sporting events. An excellent example of where this is applicable is in horse races and football matches. With such a tool at hand, it becomes much easier for you to place double bets and know what’s in it for you it the even that you made the right prediction.

Today, we’ll help you understand what the Double Bet Calculator is all about and how you can use it to your advantage. You can also take a look at our main bet calculator article for more insights. You will find plenty of helpful information, starting with an overview of our bet calculators readily available at your disposal. You’ll also find promotions including the bet365 bonus code!

Double Bet Calculator

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However, before we show you how to use the tool, let us take a step back and discuss the Double Bet below.

What is a Double Bet?

For all the multiple bets available in online betting, a double bet is the simplest and most straightforward multi-bet there is. Just like the name suggests, two different picks are combined in a single bet to make up a double bet. So, if you place a double bet wager, you will get an even bigger payout than placing two separate solo bets.

It’s an excellent option for any punter to extend their bet options and experiment on a broader range of bets. Better yet, this type of wager can easily earn you a better start when you’re backing your favourite teams online. However, one thing you must consider about a double bet is that you ought to be more conversant with the sport in general.

Information about the sport, participants and the betting markets on offer should be right at your fingertips. Otherwise, it won’t be as profitable as it should be for you.

How to Use the Double Bet Calculator

Let’s take an example of a £10 stake. Most bookies make a 3/1 single bet such that a win is equivalent to £40 return. That is a £3 return for every £1 staked. For a second wager, 2 let’s take a case of a 2/1 single bet, but we place the wager using the payout from bet 1. A win will be equivalent to £120 returns which is a £2 return for every £1 stake.

This value will be equal to £80 plus the original £40 bet.

For a fact, carrying out the said calculations manually is a daunting task for most of us, and that’s where a Double Bet Calculator comes in. Here’s a quick outline of how you can use a Double bet Calculator to place multiple wagers faster and in a hassle-free process;

  1. In the betting interface, you will choose “Double bet” to launch the Double Calculator
  2. On the calculator, two fields or boxes will come into view; one is for Bet 1 or Selection 1 and Bet 2 or Selection 2
  3. Enter the amount you want to stake for each bet. When you enter and make predictions, the expected payout will automatically be displayed on the Total Return field. Besides, you will also be able to calculate the Total Profits made.

The process is as easy as that, and you can now proceed to place your wager.

Bet Calculator

Advanced Double Bet Calculator Functions

Other than the primary function, a Double Calculator is also quite useful for avid punters as it offers even more advanced functionalities. Some of the other practical functionalities of this tool include:

Calculating returns for system bets

While you are placing your bets, you must know what amount a specific bet will yield at the end of the game. This is where this function comes in as it calculates the total returns for every bet staked for you.

Choose between odds formats

This function allows you to choose between decimal odds format or fractions odds format. Basically, it presents you the opportunity to select the one you are more comfortable with.

Enter each-way bets

An each-way bet is a type of wager made up of two parts; a WIN bet and a PLACE. Each-way bets are common in horse races, where you are supposed to stake two bets of equal amounts. The WIN stands for the horse that will finish first, and PLACE means any horse that will finish in either of the top positions.

This type of wager can be used by bettors as a way of insuring their bets, should the horse they picked as a winner end up on the second or third position. In bigger races, a PLACE bet could also cover the fourth and fifth positions. As such, the PLACE part of the stakes efficiently increases the chances of earning some cash in case your runner doesn’t take the gold

Why use the Double Bet Calculator?

The Double Calculator makes it easy for you to make price comparisons and see the total profits you can make. Doing this almost instantly is one of its main advantages because it completely takes the burden of calculations off your back.

Furthermore, the advanced functions like Changing between the Odds Format that are available within the calculator also present a significant advantage to the punter.

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