Euro 2020 Betting

Like the World Cup, the Euro 2020 football tournament takes place every four years. The last time the event took place was back in 2016, which came with bountiful Euro 2016 betting promotions. Being that Euro 2020 is imminent, many Euro 2020 betting questions will arise. Keep reading this helpful guide to figure out your best betting options.

Here’s a look at Euro 2021 bookmaker offers that are likely to help you have more fun with online betting!

How we Picked Our Best Euro 2020 Betting Offers

Come Euro 2021; there will be plenty of Euro 2020 betting offers to choose from across different bookmakers. It could end up being rather overwhelming to pick the best offer.

In case you are wondering how we picked our Euro2020 offers, some of the factors we consider include:

  • Bookmarker Reputation: All the Euro betting offers that we pick are featured in reputable sites that guarantee the best experience. Moreover, since most of them had mouthwatering Euro 2016 betting promotions, it is likely that the deals will be as good come euro 2020.
  • Size of Reward: We ensure that all the Euro 2020 betting offers we pick are good enough to earn you tangible rewards.
  • Terms & Conditions: As appealing as the Euro 2020 betting offers appear, we still pay attention to the terms and conditions; they have to be friendly enough for players who grab them.

Other Euro 2020 Betting Offers

Other than the bookies we’ve already tabulated above, there will be a lot more betting sites unveiling sweet deals as we approach Euro 2020. Some of the other attractive Euro 2021 betting offers you should consider taking are from the following betting sites:

Free bets are a common offer delivered by the top UK bookmakers, compare the offers of the bookmakers to find the best one.

Euro 2021 Betting Markets

Numerous betting markets are often available for the Euro tournament. Often Euro 2020 betting offers are aimed at the specific betting markets. You can see some of the most popular markets that we expect to bet Euro 2020 include;

Euro 2020 Outright

As you may already know, an outright is a wager you place on a potential winner of the tournament. This a direct bet that can you can place before or when the tournament is underway. It is usually quite risky because of the unpredictability that occurs during the group stages.

As an example, should you stake £100 on France winning the Euro 2020 with odds of 3.00 and France wins the Championship, the punter will get a £300 payout in return.

Group Winner

This betting market will be available before the event’s kick-off. It’s yet another risky but rewarding market because of how the odds keep on fluctuating in the group stages. With this bet, you are supposed to stake a wager on whether a particular team will finish at the top of a certain group.

For example, you can place a £200 bet for Germany to win on Group B with odds of 1.90. If you end up winning, you are looking at a profit of £180, that is, a payout of £380.

1X2 betting

This is the most common betting market in football. Essentially, you will have the option of either betting on Team 1 or Team 2 to win or for a draw. For instance, if you bet £100 on odds of 1.67 that England will beat Germany and they succeed, you will get a payout of £167.

Over or Under Goal totals

Here, what matters is the number of goals scored on a certain match. It is yet another popular type of wager because of how easy it is to stake it. Here, you are supposed to predict whether the total number of scored goals is over or under a certain number. The most common goals used to mark the lowest or the highest-scoring match are 2.5 and 5.5 goals.

Euro 2020 Betting Odds

If it’s your first time betting on Euro 2021, it’s crucial for you to understand what the numbers mean. Principally, these numbers play an important role in determining your overall winnings. In case you are a newbie in the world of sports betting, here are the most probable betting odds formats you will encounter in Euro 2020.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are basically reversed probabilities. The best thing about decimal odds is the fact that they reflect a probability of an event occurring, i.e., implied probability. As such, it is quite easy to calculate their outputs, which is why they are the most common tools in modern betting.

For instance, let’s say you have staked a £10 on Italy to defeat Russia with odds of 2.50. How much money will you win if Italy Wins? To know for sure, multiply the amount staked with the odds.

Thus, in this case, it will be £10 x 2.50 which equals £25, meaning that you have made a £15 profit.

Fractional Odds

The other type of Euro 2020 odds that will be widely used in UK bookies are Fractional odds. These indicate the total return of a bet, i.e., they display the net profit. That’s why your stake unit will be under the fraction line.

Let’s take an example of France having 7/2 odds of winning a tournament. Therefore, this means that if France wins Euro 2020, you will make a £7 in profit for every £2 you stake.

To calculate winnings using fractional odds, decimal odds of 2.50 will be equivalent to 6/4. To get the total payout, you will multiply the stake with the fraction.

Here is the formula:

(Stake x numerator) Divided by the denominator. Therefore, a £10 stake on 7/2 Euro 2020 top scorer odds will earn you £35.

See our article about Euro 2020 Odds here.

Fractional Odds

Types of Euro 2020 Betting Offers

Bookies across the UK come with different Euro betting offers to encourage their members to play more and attract more members to their platforms. As we edge closer to the big event, some of the coolest Euro 2020 betting offers you should be expecting include:

Free bets

Ahead of the Euro action, one of the most popular bonuses that will be availed by betting sites will be free bets. Euro 2020 free bets will open you up for a chance of placing wagers without spending your real cash. Just like previous Euro 2016 offers, there’s a good chance this incentive will be redeemable as soon as you have signed up for membership.

Depending on the platform, it could be a no-deposit deal, or you may have to stake an initial deposit.

However, you shouldn’t forget that the Euro 2020 free bet deals will come tied up with certain terms and conditions. You will have to meet the requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. So, before you opt-in for the offer, make sure you can fulfil your end of the bargain.

Price boosts

Just like the name suggests, they are referred to as Price Boosts because bookies will provide improved odds on selected markets. Thus, compared to the rest of the odd prices available in the bookies, such deals will give you bigger payouts in case you win.

In most cases, you will find the offer being posed for single matches or for future betting, such as predicting the Euro 2020 winner. An excellent example is when a bookie offers crazy odds of up to 17.0, whereas competing bookmakers have 12.0 or 11.0 on the same event. Price boosts earned plenty of gamers solid payouts when they claimed Euro 2016 offers.


In such a promotion, you’ll get back a certain percentage of the money you staked on a bet if your wager fails to go through. It will be among the most enticing Euro 2020 exclusive offers because you still win in a way even when you lose! If you missed out on such Euro 2016 offers, then you should be ready to grab them this time around.

Bet Insurance offer

These types of promotions are often available in various scenarios where bookies offer an added value to your bets. They are typically attached to accumulator bets with say more than four teams per betting slip. And so, the bookie will refund your bet in the form of a Euro 2020 free bet should one team on the slip fail you.

Euro 2020 Betting Tips

Even though the aim of placing a bet is to turn a profit, don’t forget that having a good time is a significant part of the process. When you are not having fun anymore, you will start making poor decisions, which could lead to unforeseen losses. So, don’t forget to have fun! Some of these tips will help you have more fun with Euro 2020 betting offers.
If you’d like to make the most out of your wagers, here’s a look at tried and tested strategies that will get you ahead come Euro 2020;

Research Widely

One of the best ways of making predictions is by having vast knowledge in the teams you are betting on. The more informed you are about the team’s history, individual player’s performance, and the opponent, the more likely you are to make the correct prediction.

Besides the teams and players, you should also research the bets you are planning to stake as well. That way, you won’t end up putting your money on a betting market that is most likely to fail you.

Compare Odds from Different Bookies

Many different betting sites all over the world offer different odds for every Euro2020 match. It isn’t too difficult to compare odds from different betting sites for maximum profits at the end of it all.

Live Betting

There are many bets expected to be staked before any game kicks off, but it is also important to remember that the bets don’t end as soon as the game starts.

Live betting has been pretty huge in football betting over the past few years because of some of the perks that come with it. For starters, you will be able to view live statistics and keep tabs on the game as it happens in real-time.

Moreover, other than placing a bet while the event is underway, you can still withdraw your stake before the referee blows the final whistle. That way, even when the results change at the end of the match, you’ll have walked away with a profit. Live betting can significantly increase your chances of walking out with a fat bankroll if you make the right moves!

FAQ about Euro 2020 Betting Offer

Some of the most common questions about Euro 2020 betting offers are listed below;

How can I sign up at an online bookmaker during Euro 2020?

To sign up, start by clicking the “Sign up”/ “Register”/ “Join” button on a given sportsbook. Fill in a registration form, accept the terms, load an initial deposit, and you are good to go!

Who is eligible for these Euro 2020 betting offers?

Euro 2020 Offers are normally for both new and ongoing players of the given sports betting site.

When is the Euro 2020?

Euro 2020 will start on June 11, 2021.

Will I be able to bet for free?

No, you will have to deposit some money first before you can bet. However, in the case of Euro 2020 free bet offers, the bookie will allow you to place wagers without an initial buy-in.

How to watch the Euro 2020 Live Streaming?

The main bookmakers give you the possibility to watch the streaming of each match on their platform.


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