Euro 2020 Free Bets

Those that wish to bet on Euro 2020 need all the help they can get to boost their profit potential. This guide comprises of handy Euro 2020 betting tips to help you with your Euro 2020 Free Bets.

From bet types, odds and predictions to the best betting sites to consider, everything you need is right here. Read on to figure out the ins of Euro 2020 outright betting, exclusive offers, and other key details and Euro 2020 betting secrets.

Best betting sites for Euro 2020 – bonuses and free bets

There will probably be lots of special Euro 2020 Free Bets and bonuses provided by leading online sports betting sites. The comparative table below summarises the most interesting Euro 2020 promotions. Kindly note that the following section highlighting the best betting platforms is merely a pure opinion of the editorial staff.

Full review of best betting sites and promotions here.

Betting on Euro 2020 Free Bets, offers, odds, predictions

Among the first things you need to know when you want to bet on Euro 2021 are the bare essentials. That is if you wish to stand a chance. Of course, the more you dive deeper in the Euro football betting world, the savvier bettor you become! With that being said, it is paramount to have knowledge of the following:

  • Types of bets available to you. These could include Euro 2020 Free Bets, outright betting, group stage winner, qualify for the knockout stage and more – Check our guide of all types of bets here.
  • Offered odds and how to determine whether they are beneficial to you.
  • Predictions esteemed and trusted bookmakers make like, for example, when betting on winner, betting on top goal scorer, or betting on finals (i.e., who will qualify).

Note, though, that you need to meet certain criteria so that you can bet on Euro 2021. For instance, you must be at least 18 years of age (or 21, depending on the country you live in). Go through the legal online sports betting age in your country to see if you qualify. Also, it is important to have an account with the operator you want to bet with.

Euro 2020 Free Bets

Most common bets of Euro 2021

Some of the most frequent euro football betting types the majority of successful punters prefer are:

  • Bet on winner
  • Bet on top goalscorer
  • Bet on final
  • Bet on qualifying

Below, you will find a breakdown of all these bet types for your reference. A full guide of ALL types of bets is available here.

Bet on the Winner – Use Euro 2020 Free Bets

Note that these Euro 2020 betting types are usually outright bets that you ideally place before the competition begins.

The reason is that the Euro 2020 odds usually shorten as we progress to the group stage finals. Given that the qualifying stage is not finished yet, you can certainly take advantage of the offered odds at this stage. Of course, you can definitely lay a bet on winner during the competition, provided that you are okay with the lower odds.

Compared to the outcome of a single match, betting on winner is a bet type that often comes with higher returns as it refers to the winner of the entire tournament. This is because it is quite difficult to foretell what will happen in the future in a series of events – unlike with an individual match where you are most likely to predict the outcome.

For that reason, the Euro 2020 odds on winner are higher, which means more returns for you, should you bet wins. Add to that how unpredictable knockout competitions can be.

The good news is that you will find lots of respected online bookmakers offering competitive European Championship betting odds (for bets on winner). Anyone who wishes to bet on Euro 2020 and start on the right foot should know the top candidates and underdogs, though.

Bet on Winner

Bet on Euro 2020 – Predictions (Favourites & underdogs)

Now, if we had to make predictions, it is highly unlikely to see any of the favourite nations being left out of the final stages. Considering France’s great performance in the 2019 World Cup, it only makes sense to be the main contender for winning the tournament.

Paired with an exceptional cast of star players, not seeing France making it to the finals would undoubtedly be a surprise. England has also shown strong form in the first rounds of the qualifiers. Plus, the fact that the final will be hosted at Wembley gives them an extra boost to win the European Championship.

Of course, we won’t rush to cross out Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany just yet. In fact, each team is also among the top teams to win the competition. We can’t say the say for Portugal, though, from whom we have seen too little since the Euro 2016.

However, football is very unpredictable so an interesting comeback from Portugal might not be out of the picture just yet. Another potential major contender is Belgium, featuring a lineup of extremely talented players led by Tielemans, Lukaku, and Vertonghen.

We also expect a good fight from teams that have previously won the crown, such as Czechoslovakia and Greece. As for the underdogs, Croatia might manage to turn the odds in favour of their, admittedly ageing, lineup.

Winners of Previous European Championships

Year Winner Runner-up
2016 Portugal France
2012 Spain Italy
2008 Spain Germany
2004 Greece Portugal
2000 France Italy
1996 Germany Czech Republic
1992 Denmark Germany
1988 Netherlands Soviet Union
1984 France Spain

Euro 2020 betting tips – How to bet using Euro 2021 Free Bets

When you bet on Euro 2020, it is paramount to be in a position to make educated decisions. Accessing key statistics will give you an idea of what bets to place. For example, the Qualifying stage has already seen many more goals per game than any European Championship so far.

This means that you could consider euro football betting on the number of goals scored. Besides, the home advantage seems to play little role in this year’s qualifying stage. Just think that most of the games have ended with a 2+ goal difference!

Finally, Draws tends to be forsaken result, at least for the Qualifying phase. So, making predictions on Draws should probably be left out of your Euro 2020 Free Bets list.

More tips on how to bet on Euro 2020 winner here.

Bet on top goalscorer Euro 2020

Betting on top goalscorer is indeed tricky and definitely challenging. The odds offered are more than attractive. However, this is a type of bet that largely depends on other factors than the player’s skills. You see, the top goalscorer may not necessarily be the most talented footballer.

This is because he may not get the chance to show his potential if his team does not progress in the tournament. Of course, common sense dictates that the top goalscorer will come from one of the teams that will perform brilliantly in the European Championship overall.

Therefore, it is best to try to find a good striker from a Nation – a player that is most likely impress us with his football-playing qualities.

Despite the fact that the Qualifying stage has not been completed yet, several online sportsbooks have already issued top scorer odds. Of course, the further we move towards the finals, the more abundance of Euro 2020 top scorer odds you will find. Then, you will simply have to choose the one that offers the best rewards Euro 2020 Free Bets potential.

Although there is no general consensus on the protagonists of this year’s European Championships, some names lead the way. Below is a list of the five top candidates that are expected to monopolise Euro 2020 betting. Knowing the form the teams are in, among others, is a great way to bet on Euro 2020 – and, of course, expect a good return for your money/wagers.

European Championship Betting: Candidates for Top Goalscorer

Euro 2020 betting requires in-depth knowledge of some key facts. Who are the best players in the current season is a must-know if you want to bet on Euro 2020 successfully. Some of the top goalscorer favourites for Euro 2020 that have somehow stood out from the rest include:

  • Harry Kane – The 25-year-old English national team captain that was crowned the top goalscorer in the 2018 World Cup. Having won the Golden Boot that year, he now also holds another title – that of the best strike-rate in the history of the Premier League.
  • Kylian Mbappe – One of the most promising players in the Euro 2020 tournament. Also, one of the youngest footballers with a bright future ahead. He has been steadily improving over the past few years, especially after France won the 2018 World Cup.
  • Romelu Lukaku – After his fantastic performance in last year’s World Cup, the 26-year-old Manchester United player from Belgium is a worthy competitor.
  • Alvaro Morata – This Chelsea striker is on a loan in Atletico Madrid and has demonstrated admirable style of play so far. The 26-year-old footballer is from Spain and also plays for the Spanish national team.
  • Memphis Depay – The Lyon forward is 25 years of age and has already turned heads with his performance thus far. The Dutch footballer also plays for the Netherlands national team.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – This “Bet on Euro 2020 top goalscorer” list would be incomplete without Ronaldo in it. The Real Madrid midfield player has scored more than 400 goals in around 550 domestic fixtures and nearly 70 goals for Portugal in 109 internationals.

More tips and predictions on how to bet on top goalscorer here.

Outright betting Euro 2020

Outright Euro 2020 betting is all about predicting the final winner of the tournament. The London Stadium is expected to become a pole of attraction on July 11th, 2021. This is because it is the venue that will host the match which will determine the Euro 2020 winner.

To bet on Euro 2020 with a high winning potential, take note of the favourites and underdogs listed above. Remember that France is a strong candidate and has made our hearts stop several times already.

Let us remind you of that mind-blowing final between France and Portugal in 2016. However, following closely are also Spain, Belgium, Italy, and, of course, England, which gave us a phenomenal spectacle last year while playing against Russia.

Portugal should not be dismissed just yet either, especially after that incredible Denmark-Portugal match in 2012. To refresh your memory, it turned into a group-stage thriller with Portugal eventually winning with 3 goals over 2, showing exceptional play.

Bet on Euro 2020 – Tips on Euro Final Betting & Odds

From this moment on, more and more online bookmakers will be trying to tempt players to register with them. This means that you will be overwhelmed with excitement, exclusive offers, such as Euro 2020 free bets and deposit bonuses.

Now when it comes to odds, the favourites always offer decent odds to win. For larger returns, though, you should probably need to go with outside bets. That is if you are okay with taking a higher risk.

What you should look for is odds that will make you a slight profit (or even money payouts) when you bet on Euro 2020 favourites.

For those that will choose to bet on Euro 2020 outsiders, you might as well be in for some pretty amazing payouts (with a bit of risk involved). Don’t forget that the odds you see now will change as Euro 2020 nears.

Another important aspect of euro 2020 betting is the timing of you outright bets. It is best to bet on Euro 2020 with an outright wager as late in the match as possible. This will give you enough time to see how the teams perform.

Needless to say, you cannot do that if you wish to lay a bet on the top goalscorer – you will need to place it before the game starts. However, if this bet type of supported at a bookmaker in the future, ensure you use the time to your advantage. First, collect all the latest player stats and then lay your bet.

To increase your bet on Euro 2020 winning potential, we suggest you use things like an odds comparison tool. That way, you will be able to compare the odds provided by a large range of trusted bookmakers and choose the platform that best suits your needs.

Also, do consider trying out a betting calculator – this handy tool will allow you to estimate your potential returns and boost your bet on Euro 2020 adventures!

Bet on Euro 2020 – odds

The most common betting odds available when you bet on Euro 2020 are Group Winner, Euro 2020 Winner, Top Goalscorer, To Qualify for Knockout Stage, Correct Score, Asian Handicap, Draw No Bet, BTTS, and 1X2 Match Betting.

Check our Euro 2020 Odds page here.

Euro 2020 betting: favourites and predictions

Given the advantage of seeding, and the tournament’s format, chances are all of the top nations will qualify for the final Euro 2020 phase. As already mentioned, France, England, Belgium, and Spain are strong competitors that will probably see entering the next stage as a walk in the park.

Portugal is given a 50-50 chance to have the finals within reach. As for the Netherlands, we may be in for a big surprise at the Euro 2020. With an average team age being 26 years of age, they combine both experience and youth brilliantly. Plus, they have a lot of players already playing for top European clubs (see Liverpool, Barcelona, Ajax, etc.).

Let’s remind you that the captain was named Premier League Player for last season (2018/2019). So, they indeed deserve a spot in the bet on Euro 2020 list of favourites to win the tournament.

Bear in mind that the advantage of the venue will most likely not play a big role when teams play against away teams with a much higher level of training.

If you go through the matches of the Qualifiers stage, you will find out that nearly half of them were won by away teams. So, if you are after a safe bet on Euro 2020 during the qualification phase, do search for teams of a higher standard.

Bet on Euro 2020 Qualifiers

A few words about the qualifying process will help you understand what is going on with Euro 2020 betting. All in all, there are 24 finalists (of a total of 55), among which 12 host nations (no automatic qualification for hosts, though).

These 55 teams are divided into ten groups of five or six, with 4 or 5 groups containing a single team that has qualified for the National League Finals. Each group will give two qualifiers for the final tournament (the top two per group) and determine the first twenty places.

As for the remaining four places, the play-offs will send the final four teams to the finals through the European Qualifiers play-offs. So, from the 16 National League group winners, only four will win the last four EURO places.

The 24 finalists will then be drawn into six groups of four, which will compete for the knockout phase (the Final Tournament). That phase will comprise of the top two teams in each group and four best 3rd place teams.

The two most common bets available when you are flirting with the idea to bet on Euro 2021 are:

  • Group winner – Betting on winner means that you place a wager on your favourite team to finish in a top position during the qualifying process.
  • Qualifying for the knockout stage – The same as with group winner, only this time you bet on your favourite team to move to the knockout stage with flying colours. It is a popular European Championship betting type worth looking into.

Euro 2020 Free Bets – Closing Thoughts

Finally, many nations have achieved decisive, clear victories with a 2-goal margin. This is evidence of the vast differences in the performance levels put in some of the teams.

Also, besides the performance levels, the form of key players is a critical factor to take in when you want to bet on Euro 2020. Of course, a team that is now well committed will not necessarily keep their rankings till the end of this stage. This is hugely attributed to the fact that players will most likely experience varying form levels in the next few months leading to the finals.

So, take into account that the qualifiers phase is long and that there are actually no standards or safe bets. Nevertheless, being aware of all the details highlighted in this comprehensive Euro 2020 betting guide will help you make even more informed decisions for sure.

Then, you will be able to predict things like which team will qualify or win the tournament with a larger winning potential.

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