What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

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Despite being more complex, Lucky 15 Bet remains one of the more popular types of bets for a variety of sports. This is due to the fact that it earns you profit from placing multiple bets, with minimised risk. And if luck is on your side, Lucky 15 betting can earn you major payouts.

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What Does Lucky 15 Mean in Betting?

There is a reason Lucky 15 is called the way it is. Namely, the bet consists of 15 different bets on four selections. The bet falls under the category of full coverage bets. This is because it covers all the possible single combinations on four selections. The lucky part of the bet comes from the bonuses bookmakers usually offer if all four selections are winners.

Types of Lucky 15 Betting

A Lucky 15 Bet comprises the following bet type: 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and one fourfold accumulator.

What is the difference between a Lucky 15 and a Yankee?

There is a significant difference between a Lucky 15 Bet and a Yankee. Although both feature four selections, a Yankee consists of only 11 bets, as opposed to 15. This is because a Lucky 15 features an additional four single bets, one per selection. This increases the price of the stake, but also brings significantly bigger returns with four wins.

Lucky 15 Betting

Lucky 15 Betting Explained

A Lucky 15 Bet consists of 15 separate bets. As we have already said, these include 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and one fourfold accumulator. The bet also often includes bonuses for one or more winners. As such, Lucky 15 Bets can bring you a sizeable return for a relatively small stake.

How to place a Lucky 15 Bet – Step-by-step guide

If we disregard making proper selections, placing a Lucky 15 Bet is actually very easy.

  1. Look for a market you want to bet on and make your selections.
  2. Find the Lucky 15 Bet on your online bet slip.
  3. Wager your money.
  4. Complete the betting procedure.

An example

Probably the easiest way to explain a Lucky 15 Bet is with an example. So, let’s start with a £1 wager. Since you will be making 15 different bets on 4 events, your total stake will actually be £15. Let’s imagine that all of your selections have the odds at 4/1. In the situation that all your selections win, you are looking at a profit of £1,409.50.

How does a Lucky 15 work each way?

Making an each way Lucky 15 Bet, requires you to make 30 bets. Much like regular each way bets, half of the bets placed will go on a win, while the other half will be on place.

How to Calculate a Lucky 15

As you could see in our example, calculating your Lucky 15 betting profits can be complicated. By far the easiest way to calculate a Lucky 15 bet s to use a Lucky 15 calculator.

Lucky 15 bet calculator

Lucky 15 calculator is an algorithm made to automatically take into account all the variables and churn out your potential returns. All it takes is entering your stake and the odds. The fact that you get instantaneous results makes it easy to tweak the variables and see how the returns change.

Betting Tips

Since making a Lucky 15 betting requires a fair amount of strategy, finding reliable Lucky 15 tips might prove essential. When looking for tips about your selection, you should make sure to find the right sources.

Lucky 15 betting and horse racing

Horse racing goes hand in hand with many exotic betting types. And Lucky 15 betting is no different, with a lot of punters choosing to take a risk to get bigger returns.

Lucky 15 football bet

These bets are also popular for betting on football. The format will require you to choose four outright selections.


If there are any further questions you might have, you will hopefully find the answers in our FAQ section.

How much do I get back on a Lucky 15 bet?

Two major factors in determining your returns are the odds and the number of wins. To predict your returns, your safest option will be to use a bet calculator.

Where can I place a Lucky 15?

You can place a Lucky 15 in any sportsbook, so long as the market supports it.

How can I place a Lucky 15 bet?

Find the market you are interested in and make a selection. Find the Lucky 15 option on the bet slip and enter your stake. Once you are satisfied with your selection select “Place Bet.”

Does Lucky 15 betting work?

Yes. Though it requires strategising, Lucky 15 betting can be very rewarding.

Is Lucky 15 betting legal?

Yes, it is.

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