What is a Treble Bet?

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In addition to classic single bets, there are also those that are a little more complicated. One such bet is a Treble Bet. Read on to learn more about how to place the bet, where to place it, what types there are, and how to use a Treble Bet Calculator. 

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Why make a Treble Bet?

This is a very popular bet type, especially when it comes to football and horse racing. However, this does not mean that you can’t place it on other sports, too. You need to place all your bets in a treble on different sporting events. You can find more useful info on this bet below.

Treble Bet explained

A Treble Bet consists of three selections that form one bet. All three of these selections need to be winners if you want your treble to be successful. If the first one wins, the returns become the stake in the second. If the second selection wins, the returns become the stake in the third. This means that as these selections win, your returns multiply.

However, there is a downside to the treble. If only one of your selection loses, the whole bet fails.

How to place a Treble Bet: A step-by-step guide

Placing a treble is very easy. It’s similar to placing any other bet on sports events. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Choose your three selections.
  2. Add them to your bet slip.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to stake.
  4. Confirm your bet.

Placing a Treble Bet

An example

Now, let’s see an example of a treble accumulator. We have three football teams that we wish to bet on in their respective upcoming matches. Liverpool is given the odds to win of 2/1, Leicester City 3/1, and Manchester City 4/1. If you stake £10 on this bet, your total return would amount to £600, with your profit being solid £590.

Treble Bet Types

A Treble Bet can feature more than three selections, namely four or five. Read more about these treble accumulators below.

Treble with four selections

A Treble Bet that has four different selections is, in fact, a fourfold accumulator.

Treble with five selections

Naturally, a treble that has five selections is a five-fold accumulator.

Calculating the win for Treble Bets

Calculating your win for a Treble Bet can be complicated if math is not one of your strong suits. Here’s how we would do the calculation for our example involving Liverpool, Leicester City, and Manchester City and their given odds.

Total return = £10 * (2/1 +1) * (3/1 + 1) * (4/1 + 1) = £600
Total profit = £590

How to use a Treble Bet calculator?

Using a treble calculator will make this process significantly faster. Also, it will ensure that this calculation is an error-free process. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Enter the desired outcome of your three selections.
  2. Fill out the designated field with their assigned odds.
  3. Enter your stake.
  4. Take a look at your total return and total profit.

You can use this Treble Bet Calculator here.

Where to place a Treble Bet?

You can place this bet type on practically all online operators’ websites. This is a very popular bet type so you’ll have no problem finding a brand that accepts it.

How does a Treble Bet work on horse racing?

The most popular betting market for Treble Bets is surely horse racing. All you need to do is select three horses that you believe have a good chance of winning in their next race. Make sure to include one with slightly longer odds as this will boost your potential wins.

Treble Bets on other sports

Another popular market for Treble Bets is football. You can take a look at our example of this bet type featuring three top Premier League clubs above.


Take a look at these questions that typically arise in relation to this bet type.

Is an each way bet a Treble Bet?

You can add each way option to your Treble Bet to increase your chances to win. In horse racing, for example, you are placing the win part of the bet on a horse to win, and the place part on the horse to finish second, third, or fourth. An each way treble has these two parts (win and place), as well.

What is the minimum stake required for a Treble Bet?

This depends on the operator you want to bet with, so it’s best to find the info on the website.

Where can Treble Bets be placed?

You can place this bet on all the major online sportsbook websites.

Are Treble Bets worthwhile?

These bets can be very handy if you believe you have a selection that stands good chances of winning. For a relatively modest stake, you can be at the receiving end of some solid returns if your treble comes through.

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