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Use our Patent Calculator below to calculate the return on your wager. This practical tool can help you make even more informed betting decisions, which may boost your winning potential significantly.

If you would like to know about other bet types and calculators that you can use, then check out our main bet calculator article. Here you will find an overview of our bet calculators for you to use plus promotions including the bet365 bonus code.

Patent Bet Calculator

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What is the Patent Calculator?

A patent calculator is an online tool that enables players to instantly see if they stand to make a big profit from a bet. The patent bet calculator is a simple, yet very effective, means to help players choose key things like the right teams for their bet and focus on the things that really matter!

What is a Patent Bet?

A patent bet is a full cover wager where you choose three selections and consists of a total of 7 bets:

  • A treble with all 3 selections (winning combination 1-2-3).
  • 3 singles (winning combination 1,2,3).
  • 3 doubles with two of the selections (winning combination 1-2, 2-3, 1.3).

It can also be considered a trixie with 3 singles added to every selection. Nevertheless, with a patent bet, you get much more return from one winning choice than with a Trixie. To get a return, you only need one of these 3 selections to win. That being said, a single losing selection can affect your bet returns significantly.

For that reason, it is best to try out several different odds and outcomes on the patent bet calculator to see how even the smallest changes can have an impact on your returns.

Here is an example to get the core idea of what a patent bet is and how much value it carries. Let’s assume that you have 3 selections, one at 11/10, one at 4/7, and one at 4/5. With a pound’s worth bet, your return profits per selection would be 1.10, 0.57, and 0.80 respectively (as just singles).

Therefore, you will receive £2.47 from a £3 outlay. Things change dramatically, though, if you make them part of a patent bet. The existence of several different combinations gives you the opportunity to profit £14.32 from a £7 wager – definitely a better deal than if betting on singles. This is because the adds accumulate throughout the stake. Even if one of the selections loses, the bet is still profitable, always depending on the offered odds.

Patent Calculator

How to use the Patent calculator

Using the patent bet calculator is pretty straightforward, and you can get an accurate prediction of your bet (potential wager that is, of course) if you simply follow the steps described below:

  1. Select the right bet type.
  2. Pick the preferred odds format.
  3. Enter the odds from the relevant matches/races/games (you will need to enter 3 different odds as you have 3 events).
  4. Decide how much money you wish to bet with.

Your potential winnings will then be automatically calculated, and you will be provided with your profit in the corresponding boxes.

Advanced Patent Calculator functions

The following section introduces some more advanced functions of the handy patent bet calculator so that you have a rounder idea of the benefits that could come from using it.

Choose between odds formats

You have the chance to choose the odds format of your preferences. Also, given that sports betting platforms often present odds in varying formats, it is a good idea to be able to change the format accordingly. You can select between fractions, decimals, and American odds format.

Enter each-way bets

An each-way bet allows you to increase your bet sum as it actually two bets – one is placed on the win odds and the other on the horse to come 2nd, 3rdor 4thon the race (aka to Place).

The second half of an each-way bet is always lower than the first one. Selecting Yes or No where it asks whether you want to place an each-way bet or not will give you the possible payouts for your selections.

Why use the Patent calculator

Using a patent returns or bet calculator comes loaded with advantages. First of all, it is easy to use and provides quick results without having to rebuild your entire bet slip to see what your returns will be in different cases.

Secondly, it enables you to compare your winnings, which helps analyse the value of your selections. Plus, it gives you the chance to see how your return will be affected depending on the odds.

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Liverpool vs Real Madrid
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Liverpool have had a great season and a win in the Champions League would put the finishing touch to it. Real Madrid after their win against Manchester City in the semi's will be ready and it would not...

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