Premier League Teams

Your One-Stop Guide to Premier League Teams

Following the latest Premier League statistics can be challenging to say the least. Those who are fans of sports betting or who simply want to know what to expect during the upcoming season need to be provided with the latest and the most up-to-date information. We have tried to take the guesswork out of this equation by providing you with the most pertinent details of these 20 teams as well as some of their primary strengths to take into account. Without any further delay, let’s begin.

Premier League


AFC Bournemouth

Although the long history of Bournemouth can be traced back to 1899, this team only entered into the Premier League in 2009. This has not stopped many critics from doubting whether The Cherries will be able to break into the top ten. Still, let’s not forget that four losses during the 2017/2018 season did not dampen their spirits. New players such as Diego Rico and David Brooks are hoped to add a bit of forward impetus to Bournemouth and while they might not take the league, a strong showing is virtually guaranteed.


Favoured as one of the top picks to take the 2018/2019 championship, Arsenal still has a number of challenges to face. Not the least of which is the fact that Unai Emery has replaced long-time coach Arsene Wegner. While it remains to be seen what influence Emery will have, the presence of players such as Matteo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira has brought about a great deal of optimism. Will Arsenal use this sentiment as momentum in hopes to rise above their rather dismal 6th place finish last year?

Brighton & Hove Albion

The Seagulls are now preparing for their second Premier League season, so coach Chris Houghton is said to be more focused on survival as opposed to taking the ultimate victory. Let us keep in mind that Brighton & Hove came in at 15th place last season although they still defeated formidable teams such as Man U and Arsenal. Several new faces are likewise tipped to have an impact. The most notable is Alirez Jahanbakhsh (21 goals during the 2017/2018 season) and Jurgen Locadia. Still, the main issue facing Brighton is the ability to capitalise upon goal scoring. If they hope to stay afloat within such a heavyweight crowd, points matter.


After emerging from the doldrums associated with the near oblivion between 1976 and 1987, they came back to enjoy success from 2000 to 2009. However, Burnley has seemed to suffer from poor results during away games (this is in direct contrast to a majority of home wins). Some feel that their performance during the 2016-2017 season mirrored the rather disappointing 2009-2010 season. The team hopes to break this cycle. Considering the fact that the team finished in 7th place during the 2017/2018 season, we have to wonder if coach Sean Dyche can silence his sceptics. Key players to watch include Ben Gibson and Ashley Barnes. The fact that Nick Pope has been injured will place more pressure on the team and many wonder if this could have a dramatic outcome on their placing.


The Bluebirds seem to be facing an uphill battle and the odds are certainly stacked against Cardiff in the coming 2018/2019 season. Let’s still not forget that Cardiff finished second during the last Premier League and that they are fully expecting an uphill battle. Coach Neil Warnock seems to be preparing his players for this struggle and top players such as Junior Hoilett will bring much to the table. It is nonetheless a fact that strengths such as formidable defences, tough tackles and long throws will be pitted against some of the best teams in the industry.


When we think of English football, The Blues always come to mind. Chelsea is one of the most famous teams within the Premier League and since 1955, they have featured prominently in many championship bouts. In fact, they are the only London club to have ever won the UEFA Champions League. Arch rivals such as Arsenal and Leeds always make for an exciting game. Recent examples of their success include an 8-0 win over Wigan Athletic and the same score against Aston Villa in 2012. Modern names including Fabregas and Pedro have been essential to help Chelsea’s continued rise to a potential cup double and the addition of N’Golo Kante (from Leicester) should continue to help to bolster their defence. The main question is whether coach Maurizio Smith can lead Chelsea into a new era, as this is his first Premier League showing. The fact that he has entered so late into the season leaves many to wonder if this will act as an anchor in regards to Chelsea’s normally outstanding forward momentum.

Crystal Palace

Otherwise known as The Eagles, Crystal Palace FC was first founded in 1905. Although never having reached the top of the Premier League, Crystal Palace is known for its long-standing rivalry with Manchester United (having lost during both the 1990 and the 2016 finals to this team). They have enjoyed the position of second-tier champions twice and besides Manchester, their traditional competitors have been Brighton & Hove. They performed quite well in the 2017/2018 Premier League and it is full logical to expect the team to rise within the top ten. This can be partially attributed to the positive nature of coach Roy Hodgson as well as the sheer presence of Wilfried Zaha.


Everton FC has been in existence since 1878 and they are one of the oldest clubs within the country. Otherwise known as The Toffees, this team was First Division champions in the 1986-1987 season and they most recently won the FA Cup in 1995. It is also interesting to note that Everton holds the record as the team with the most top-tier appearances over the years (114 seasons out of a total of 118). Will the personality of Coach Marco Silva be enough to push The Toffees through? Major players such as Lucas Digne and Richarlison might very well help to improve their 8th place standing associated with the 2017/2018 season. In fact, goalkeeper Jordan Pickford is confident that Everton will place within the top six at the Premier League.


Slavisa Jokanovic has been quite optimistic in regards to the chances of Fulham in during the 2018/2019 season, and for good reason. His hopes have been boosted thanks to recent summer signings such as Alfie Mawson and perhaps, more importantly, World Cup champion Andre Schurrle. The existing talents of Jean-Michal Serri are not to be taken lightly and if their 3rd place Premier League finish last year is any indication of things to come, this season could see Fulham rise to the top of the lot. The Cottagers have always been strong in regards to passing and assuming that they continue to leverage such skills, Fulham is expected to perform well.

Huddersfield Town

Known as The Terriers amongst their fans, Huddersfield Town held the distinction of being the first team which won three consecutive league titles in 1926. However, this club is also somewhat of a dark horse; having gained acceptance to the Premier League only recently. Still, the 16th-place performance of The Terriers last season leaves us wondering if coach David Wagner faces an uphill battle. Still, investments in defender Terence Kongolo may prove to represent a tipping point in terms of negative outcomes and the addition of Adama Diakhaby is no laughing matter. Unfortunately, many feel that Huddersfield simply has too far to come. Once again, it could all be a matter of survival as opposed to walking off of the pitch as champions.

Leicester City

Leicester FC was formed in 1884 and while having been finalists within the FA Cup no fewer than four times, they have yet to claim a victory. However, this is not to say that Leicester is less than formidable; their recent 2016-2017 UEFA Champions League appearance clearly illustrates that Leicester should never be taken lightly. Some strengths of this team include strong counter attacks and the ability to come back from a losing position. Many now wonder if the exodus of Riyad Mahrez will impact the performance of Leicester during the 2018/2019 season. Can major signings such as Jonny Evans and James Madison make up for losses including Ben Hamer? Can Jamie Vardy pull together the team in order to top last year’s 9th place? While they might upset some other teams and break into the top five, the chances are not very good that the club will finish within the top three.


Nicknamed The Reds, Liverpool FC has been in existence since 1892. Although their last First Division win was in 1990, this squad has won the Football League Cup no fewer than eight times; a record. Known for very strong counter attacks and maintaining possession of the ball, Liverpool needs to up its game in terms of wing defences and through-ball attacks. Coach Jurgen Klopp has tended to focus on the strengths of Mo Salah; still the veritable heartbeat of the organisation. New players such as Naby Keita and Fabinho will certainly add to this mix; particularly in the form of a strong midfield presence. If all goes as planned, Liverpool could do away with their 4th place finish last year and take home the league championship.

Manchester City

Manchester City is known for being associated with some of the most die-hard fans in the game, and for good reason. While it can be argued that their so-called “golden years” took place throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the fact of the matter is that this team is extremely formidable in more modern times. This is evidenced by their 2015-2016 Football League Cup title as well as their title within the first division of the Premier League in the 2013-2014 season. With an average rate of possession of 66.5 per cent and no fewer than 3.5 goals scored per game, Manchester City is not to be taken lightly by any domestic team. A Pass accuracy of 89.4 per cent is likewise quite impressive and other teams often have difficulty matching this prowess. The big question is whether they will be able to retain their 2017/2018 title. Riyad Mahrez and Kevin De Bruyne will do everything in their power to hold on to their championship and Pep Guardiola is no stranger to pressure. If all goes as planned, Man City should be nearly impossible to overcome.

Manchester United

Manchester United has enjoyed the nickname “The Red Devils” since its formation in 1902. They are perhaps best noted as being the only club in English history to have won the FA Cup, the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. During their 2016-2017 season, this team walked away with the UEFA Europa League title; an impressive achievement indeed. To put this into perspective, it was reported that Manchester United had a total revenue of more than $765 million dollars; more than Real Madrid and Barcelona combined. So, it should be no surprise that some truly great players call this club home. The major issue is the negative energy exuded by Coach Jose Mourinho during the past year. There is no doubt that such a perspective has eaten into the team’s morale and it is hoped that a strong Premier League start will help to shake off the gloom. If he can sort out his defence and capitalise upon the talents of players such as Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez, this team could very well represent the only club to threaten Manchester City (let’s never forget their 2nd place finish during the 2017/2018 season).

Newcastle United

Newcastle United (also known as The Magpies) first came into existence in 1893. While this team might not possess as illustrious of a past as Manchester United, they have nonetheless won the league on four different occasions. The 1980s and 1990s were particularly impressive decades, as Newcastle United took home the Football League Championship during the 1992-1993 as well as 2009-2010 and 2016-2017. Some of the metrics which set this team apart include superior long shot capabilities and their talent at created chances to score during seemingly impossible circumstances. After having finished in 10th place last season, some are concerned that coach Rafa Benitez might not have received the funds required to break through above the number ten spot. Still, major additions including Martin Dubravka and Ki Sung-yueng might very well to stave off any transfer woes during the coming season.


Southampton has been in existence since 1885 and they are known as having enjoyed a streak of 27 consecutive years within the Premier League before losing this position in May 2005. However, they have once again risen to these ranks and if the players have anything to say about it, they are here to stay. Sometimes referred to as The Saints, Southampton is not particularly known as being a strong team from a statistical point of view. Many are hoping that The Saints will make a fresh start after having fallen to 17th place during the 2017/2018 season. The question is whether such a wish is too tall of an order for coach Mark Hughes. Impressive new players including Stuart Armstrong and Angus Gunn should certainly help with these efforts while Manolo Gabbiadini will undoubtedly prove an asset. Unfortunately, the loss of players such as Dusan Tadic and Guido Carillo seems to have taken cohesion away from the squad. Even a mid-table finish would be impressive at this point.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham was formed in 1882 and as they play out of Wembley Stadium, they are able to host more fans than any other team within the Premier League. Having come in second place within the league, their 2016-2017 season was quite impressive. This is partially due to a passing accuracy of 83.8 per cent alongside nearly 18 shots per game (about 2 goals every match). Their only real weakness involves aerial duels and such a flaw would be even more pronounced when we consider that they will be playing within their new stadium. A placing of 3rd last year could hint at even more stellar things to come. A move back to their home venue could be all that is required if first-team players can pull it together after a rather long summer hiatus. At least in the beginning, questions are likely to be raised surrounding the form of the players. Their upcoming bout against Newcastle should quickly shed light on this variable.


Watford FC was created in 1881 and they are currently in 17th place out of 20 within the Premier League. In terms of statistics, this team is in the “middle of the road”. 12 shots per game, 1.5 goals per match and an average possession of 49.1 per cent all have room for improvement. They need to be particularly aware of counter attacks and defending their set pieces (a known weakness in recent years). Still, these are balanced out with other strengths including the ability come back from a nearly certain loss. The main problem is that after a 14th-place finish during the 2017/2018 Premier League, many feel that The Hornets lack the required forward momentum. Additionally, the sudden exodus of Marco Silva would have had an impact on cohesion as well as the players themselves. Quick turnover rates and the loss of Richarlison may also prove to be sticking points. While their defence is impressive, they lack goal power. If there is one team that might exit the Premier League, Watford may very well be it.

West Ham United

West Ham United was first formed in 1895 and they play out of London Stadium (with a capacity of 60,000, one of the largest venues behind locations such as Wembley). Their ability to create incredibly long shot opportunities may be able to compensate for such shortcomings on occasion. They need to address certain weak areas including protecting their lead as well as countering against long shots from the other side. Coach Manuel Pellegrini could add new blood to the lineup and existing players including Lukasz Fabianski should gel the team together further. It is also important to point out that this is the first time in the history of the team that a coach who has won a Premier League title is present. As seen in the past, this level of experience should serve to boost the confidence of the players and while West Ham might not be slated for the top position, they should still perform reasonably well.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Could the first time be a charm? This is the first time that the Wolves have entered into the Premier League, so there are a wide number of opinions. One positive factor is that the number of new players is impressive (the likes of Rui Patricio, Willy Boly, Leo Bonatini and Ruben Vinagre). This could offset the loss of both Ben Marshall and Barry Douglas. Thankfully, Joao Moutinho is still considered to be the linchpin of the team. The real question is how the Wolves will fare against veterans including Leicester, Everton and Manchester City (the first three matches, in fact). The team boasts a solid defence and the ability to go the distance, so they could very well leave a lasting impression during the 2018/2019 season. In regards to a much-anticipated top-half finish, the bets are still out at this point but most fans seem to be quite optimistic.