Dirk Kuyt interview

Dirk Kuyt: Supporters are back at Anfield Road and that will be in Liverpool’s favour

“Liverpool are doing very well. This season started fairly stable for them, and I am very happy that Virgil van Dijk is back.”

“Liverpool got off to a good start, shame about the draw last weekend, but I have faith in Jurgen Klopp and his team.”

“I think it is very clever that when you don’t sign a lot of new players, you can achieve a very high level for a long period of time. Last season was a difficult one, but now the supporters are fully back at Anfield Road and that will be in Liverpool’s favour I think.” 

Dirk Kuyt: Ibrahima Konaté is the reinforcement that Liverpool needed

“That is the reinforcement that Liverpool needed. I think he will be doing very well.” 

“This is what Jurgen Klopp does brilliantly; he finds one or two players he can fit into the team that he already has, and I think Konaté is a great player to fit into the Liverpool team.” 

Dirk Kuyt: Liverpool is one of the favourites. For me that is a fact.

“Liverpool always have a chance and I personally think they have a good chance of success again this season either in the Premier League or in the Champions League.” 

“The only thing is, I do think that the Premier League has some real top teams at the moment. Teams that have invested a lot, look at Chelsea, look at Manchester United, and there’s also Manchester City.”

“That means you have a number of top teams in the Premier League, so it will be very interesting to see who will take the title, but Liverpool is one of the favorites. For me that is a fact.” 

Dirk Kuyt: Steven Gerrard will be the coach and manager of Liverpool

“It’s difficult to manage time in Football, in the Netherlands we always say: ‘When the train comes by, you need to step up’.” 

“I don’t know if Stevie (Steven Gerrard) will be the next Liverpool manager after Jurgen Klopp, but for me it’s definitely sure that he would one day be the coach and manager of Liverpool.”

Dirk Kuyt: With so many games in the Conference League, fans are forced to make choices

“It takes some getting used to.” 

“You now have a lot of competitions, there are competitions almost every day. As a football fan you would like to watch the games a bit more structured.” 

“I was very used to having the leagues on the weekends, and during the week you would have European football with the Europa League and the Champions League. That was quite clear.” 

“Although I must say that with the Europa League there were already a lot of matches, but now there are even more matches. That forces you as a football fan to make choices, and until recently that was actually not the case, because you would just have Champions League on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, UEFA League on Thursdays. Now there is a large diversity of football matches, everyone can make their choices.” 

Dirk Kuyt: I think Feyenoord can hold on to this line 

“I think Feyenoord started very well in the league, not only in the league but also in the new Conference League.” 

“Feyenoord is with a new trainer, with a number of new players and also a number of new young players fitted in and so far things are going very well. I think they can definitely hold this line.” 

“Whether they are up to the wide selection of Ajax, that is very questionable, but if you look at the performances they have delivered so far, for example against PSV and also the other teams, that is just very good.” 

“Lost a game against Utrecht, which also has a very good team, so it’s no shame to lose away against Utrecht. I hope that Feyenoord and Arne Slot will continue on this path.” 

Dirk Kuyt: Conference League is fun for teams who are not used to playing European soccer

“I hope that the teams from the Netherlands, and they have been going well lately, continue to get their points on the coefficient list, because ultimately the Netherlands must ensure that it has more than one team in the Champions League. The Champions League is crucial for the income you generate with it.” 

“The Conference League is fun for a number of teams in the Netherlands who are not used to playing European football, but that have the ambition to play European football in the future. This new competition is a way of getting used to it a bit more. But if you want to get the real income, that will be earned from qualifying for the Champions League. That is where the Netherlands should have as many teams as possible.” 

Dirk Kuyt: Van Gaal is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had

“I think we can expect a lot from Van Gaal. In my view he is one of the best coaches I have ever had as a player.”

“He has performed fantastically with the Dutch national team in 2014, ending in third place at the World Cup. During the entire World Cup, the Netherlands did not lose a game, other than the one where they lost on penalties against Argentina.” 

“And now he’s going to do another trick and get the most out of this group of players.” 

“I think it’s very clever how he has started in the qualifiers. He found himself in a situation that he would consider far from ideal, because Van Gaal is a coach who always wants to prepare perfectly and that was not possible. He only had two days to prepare the team for the first game and then two more games followed, which he did well.” 

“As time goes on he will increasingly bend the team to his ideas and I am convinced that he will get the most out of the players and also out of the team.”


Dirk Kuyt was speaking to Kelbet

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