What is a Flag Bet?

A Flag Bet is a bet where different types of bet are combined into one single wager. There are different types of Flag Bets, which we’ll discuss later on in our betting guides. The typical Flag Bet is a bundle of 4 different selections and 23 separate bets, or in other words, it can be […]

What is a Double Bet?

A Double Bet is the most common and straightforward bet on multiple selections. Basically, it’s two different selections combined into one. Read our guide to find more info about how to use and calculate them. Types of Double Bets There are a few types of Double Bets we’d like to cover here: Each way Treble […]

What is a Canadian Bet?

A Canadian Bet belongs to the category of Full Cover bets because it entails all multiple bets. You might have heard of a Super Yankee bet before? Well, this is just another name for a Canadian Bet. Read up to learn more about it, how you can place it, and how you can use the […]

What is a Goliath Bet?

When you are looking for bets other than the ordinary singles and doubles, you might want to look into the Goliath of them all. Yes, there is such a bet as a Goliath Bet. You can find the answers to why it’s called so, how to use and calculate it, and how to make the […]