What Is A Yankee Bet? Bet Types Explained With Examples

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A Yankee bet is 11 bets spread across different types from four betting selections from different events. Below, you’ll find how a Yankee bet is broken down.

6 Doubles
4 Trebles
1 Four-Fold

It’s worth remembering that to see a return of some funds, you’ll need at least two out of the four selections to win. If none or one wins, then you won’t see a return of any funds.

Yankee Bet Examples


Football is a popular sport for punters to wager their funds on for Yankee bets. Below, you’ll find an example of a football Yankee bet with LiveScore Bet, which is a great betting site to use if you’re not already signed up. The example we’ve provided for our Yankee bet is for Ecuador, the Netherlands, USA, and England to win. If we were to place a £1 bet on this, our overall stake would be £11, as there are 11 different bets.

As you can see from the image below, are overall return would be £47.64 if all four of our selections were to win.

football yankee example

For more on this betting site, head over to our LiveScore Bet promo code page.

Horse Racing

Horse racing meetings take place throughout the year, and across many different countries. With races scheduled daily, there are plenty of Yankee bets that can be made by punters. We’ve listed you with an example of a horse racing Yankee bet with Sky Bet. Our example would involve a £1 stake on the Yankee bet, so the overall stake is £11. The odds of the selections involved in our example are 11/8, 11/4, 9/2, and 9/4. The potential returns from our horse racing yankee bet would be £426.99 with Sky Bet.

horse racing yankee example
yankee example


Basketball betting is growing in popularity, with many different betting markets available with the best betting sites. One of the best betting sites for basketball betting is bet365, and below, you’ll find an example of a basketball Yankee bet. Our example is for certain teams in NBA matches to cover a points handicap in their respective games. It’s worth remembering that any stake that we enter into the Yankee section, will be multiplied by 11, as there are 11 separate bets involved.

basketball yankee example

How To Work Out A Yankee Bet

It can be difficult to work out the potential winnings from a Yankee bet, especially considering that different outcomes are depending on which selections are winning ones, and which are settled as losing bets.

You should look to convert your odds from fractions into decimals if possible, as you can divide the top number by the bottom number. Once you’ve done this, working out the potential returns from multiple bets that are included in a Yankee bet is much easier, as you simply have to multiply the odds together from each selection, before multiplying that number by your overall stake on the Yankee bet.

You can also find a detailed page on our Yankee bet calculator which explains how to use the tool and work out your potential winnings. Or you can use the tool below:

Yankee Calculator



Each way
# Odds Each way Outcome

Yankee Bet Or A Lucky 15?

There isn’t too much of a difference between a Yankee bet and a Lucky 15 bet. The only difference is that a Lucky 15 bet has the same 11 total bets, but it also includes the single betting selections, which means that it consists of 15 bets altogether.

A Yankee bet doesn’t cover the single selections, so a positive of doing a Lucky 15 instead of a Yankee bet is that you can see a return of some funds with just one selection winning.

What’s The Difference Between A Yankee & A Super Yankee?

A Super Yankee bet is also known as a ‘Canadian’ bet with some betting sites. Again, like a Lucky 15, there isn’t too much difference between a Yankee and a Super Yankee. The only difference is that a Super Yankee consists of five betting selections, with that meaning that there are 26 bets in total included in a super Yankee.

How To Place A Yankee Bet On Paddy Power

To place a Yankee bet on Paddy Power, it couldn’t be more simple. However, if you’re relatively new to betting, then we’ve provided you with a step-by-step guide on the process.

yankee step 1
yankee step 2
yankee step 3
yankee step 4

Yankee Bet FAQ

Yes, a Yankee bet can be worth it for bettors. It provides them with some insurance behind their selections if one or more are to lose. However, it’s worth remembering that it comes with an element of risk, as you’ll need at least two selections to win so that you can potentially see a return of some funds. There isn’t ever a guarantee in betting, and you should only gamble with funds that you can afford to lose.

In a Yankee bet, you’re required to include four betting selections, and this doesn’t change with a horse racing Yankee bet. So, you’ll need to include four different horses from different races for a Yankee bet.

Yes, you can do an each way Yankee bet. An each way Yankee bet consists of 22 bets, as you’re covering double the amount of bets, due to the punter insuring their bet with the ‘place’ part. If one of their selections places, then their ‘place’ Yankee part on that selection would be settled as winning one.

In the event of a non-runner in your Yankee bet, your 11 bets would still stand as normal. An example would be if you had one winner in your Yankee bet, and one non-runner, and you’d see a return of some funds due to the one double technically being a winning one with one selection, as the other one was a non-runner.