Next Labour Leader Odds Tracker


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What is this Next Labour Leader Odds tracker?

This data feed charts the movements of the key betting market for the next UK Labour Leader, providing a real-time visual representation of the odds and their fluctuation based on the millions of pounds wagered as bettors aim to correctly predict the outcome.

Betting odds differ from polling in that they represent the probabilities of various outcomes for the next government, the likelihood of a majority and who’ll win the most seats, as opposed to an opinion poll which provides a snapshot of voting intention at any given time, based on a far smaller sample size. The numbers expressed in this graph do not translate to a vote share like polling, instead expressing the probability of an outcome, converted into a percentage from traditional fractional odds. To calculate the percentage, the commission of the bookmaker was taken out to have a fairer representation of the chance.

The data is based on to-the-second odds which are updated on a 24/7 basis, coming from bet365. is a betting aggregator created by Better Collective a leading developer of educational platforms for the iGaming industry.