Accumulator Calculator

What Is The Accumulator Calculator?

The accumulator calculator allows you to quickly work out your potential profits on your 2+ fold bets. After entering your stake, bet type and odds of each selection, the calculator will do the hard work for you, and compute how much you could win on a successful bet.

Why use an accumulator calculator? If you’re looking to place an acca, the calculator can work out your potential earnings before you place your bet. You can also use it to update the odds after each leg. For example, if you’ve placed a four-fold accumulator with bet365 on horse racing, and your second selection is a non-runner, you can use the accumulator calculator to amend your estimated winnings.

If you would like to know about other bet types and calculators that you can use, then check out our main bet calculator article. Here you will find an overview of our bet calculators for you to use plus promotions including the bet365 bonus code.

How To Use The ACCA Calculator

A calculator can work out what your potential winnings on your bet will be. How do you use it? Follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the Unit Stake
  2. Select the ACCA type (ranging from two to 20 fold)
  3. Choose your odds format, generally Fractional, Decimal and American
  4. Select the E/W option if you’ve bet Each Way
  5. Enter the odds from your bookmaker (e.g. bet365) of each selection in the boxes provided
  6. Click on the Result of your selection (Win, Lost, Dead Heat, etc.)
  7. Hit the Calculate button







What Is An Accumulator?

An accumulator is a bet consisting of a number of selections to make up one wager. Generally, an accumulator bet is considered to have at least four selections, with two and three selections known as Doubles and Trebles. Most accumulator calculators, however, will work out two and three selection bets.

A successful accumulator bet will, almost always, pay out more than if you placed separate single bets. With greater potential profit, though, comes greater risk.

Let’s say we place a five-fold accumulator on football – we’ll use Serie A for this example. We place a bet on Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Lazio and Torino to all win their matches. We can use our calculator to work out our potential winnings by entering the odds and stake.

The odds on our selections to win look like this:

  • Juventus – Evens
  • Inter Milan – 2/1
  • AC Milan – 2/1
  • Lazio – 5/2
  • Torino – 7/2

We enter our stake, odds format and the odds of each selection. We see that a £1 stake would see a return of £283.50.

If one of our selections loses, however, your bet is dead.

An accumulator calculator can be used for any sport, but where this function could really help is if you’re a horse racing bettor.

So, let’s say you have placed a seven-fold accumulator on the horses and your second selection’s race ends in a dead heat. You can use your acca calculator to see what your new estimated return will be. Or, your fourth selection is a non-runner, enter the result into your calculator to update your possible return so you know exactly where you’re up to with your bet.

A calculator also allows you to select Rule 4 if applicable. Rule 4 is applied when a horse in a race you’ve bet on is withdrawn. If your bookie applies this rule, you can select this from the list of options on your betting calculator.

Advanced Accumulator Calculator Functions

The functionality of an ACCA calculator extends further than just working out potential profits. In this section, we’re going to take a closer look at more advanced options at your disposal.

Calculate Returns For System Bets

A system bet is favoured by many bettors over accumulators because it decreases the risk of your bet completely failing. Depending on which system bet you place, you can have one or more legs lose but still make a profit – in other words, not all of your selections have to come in for you to win.

Amongst the most popular system bets are Trixie’s, Yankee’s, Lucky 15’s and Patents. We’ll look at a Lucky 15 bet to explain.

A Lucky 15 consists of, as the name suggests, 15 bets – four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator.

So, if only one leg of your Lucky 15 wins, you still win that part of your bet. Or, if two selections come in, you win the two singles and one double part of your bet.

It may seem complicated at first, and it can be difficult to work out your potential winnings. That’s why many bettors opt to use a calculator to see what profit they can make on different outcomes.

Choose Between Odds Formats

A calculator gives you the option to select which odds you want to work with. These are Fractional, Decimal and American. Select which odds format you like from the drop-down menu.

There is no difference in odds no matter which you choose to bet in. It’s simply a matter of which you prefer and which you understand clearly.

Fractional odds are commonly used by UK bookies, like bet365. The easiest way to understand how fractional odds work is to say the number on the left shows how much you could win and the number on the right is how much you have to stake to win that number. So, in its simplest form, odds of 7/1 mean you will win £7 if you stake £1 for a total return of £8

Decimal odds are most often used in Europe, but many in Britain also prefer this method of reading odds. They’re favoured for their simplicity over Fractional, especially if Fractional odds are showing 9/5, 7/2 etc. 7/1 shown as Decimal odds is 8.0 – your total return on a £1 bet.

American odds are rarely used in Europe, but it’s still an option for you. Also known as Moneyline odds, 7/1 in this format is shown as +700, what you’d win from a stake of £100.

Enter Each Way Bets

Whilst many might find it easy to work out their potential returns on a standard accumulator if you’re betting Each Way understanding what your profit could become gets more difficult.

Using a calculator allows you to select the Each Way option. Hit the Each Way button and choose Placed from the Result drop-down menu and the calculator will work out your returns.

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Why Use The ACCA Calculator?

A calculator such as this allows you to quickly work out your potential returns on your accumulators. It’s especially handy if you’re betting Each Way or you’ve placed a System Bet.

You can track your profit by updating the calculator each time a result comes in. It only takes a few minutes to enter the required information and allows you to see the progress of your bet in terms of return and potential profit.

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