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New customers can use the Colossus Bets bonus code. At the moment, however, there is no welcome offer linked to the Colossus Bets bonus code. 

Colossus Bets is not an ordinary bookmaker, instead it is an innovative bookie with a focus that is primarily on pools best betting. Colossus Bets gives you the chance to possibly earn big winnings at low stakes. Sign up today and use the Colossus Bets Bonus Code.


Colossus Bets Bonus Code Details

Find the Colossus Bets bonus code details below.

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There is no welcome offer at the moment. As soon as one will be in place, we will make sure to relay it here.

Refer a Friend

Colossus Bets offers a Refer a Friend Scheme with several key features. The member receives cash back of 5% of the amount bet and 2% of the amount won by the friend. The offer applies for 12 months from the date of registration. The new player enters a referral code so that the existing member is identified and rewarded. The RAF code appears on the My Account page of the existing subscriber. Friends can take advantage of the welcome sign-up offer. Payments are made directly into the player account but those living at the same address and family members cannot be referred.

Getting Started with Colossus Bets

The Colossus Bets homepage displays existing pools and a login prompt. Existing users must enter their Username and Password. For lost or forgotten passwords customers enter their username which prompts instructions to reset the password being sent by email.

New customers click on the word ‘Register’ on the Home and the first of three sign-up pages appear. Players open accounts by entering contact details and login credentials and complete the process by depositing funds and placing bets. A valid email address is required and new users are reminded that they must be at leat 18 to open an account.

New users and players who have not been involved in pool betting in the past are assisted with a FAQ section and a guide to how to bet into the pools. Betfair changed the gambling model by offering lay facilities by which customers can act as the bookmaker by accepting bets. This new concept led to trading and allowing bettors the facility to close a bet to guarantee a profit or minimise losses.

Cashing out with Colossus Bets is a similar concept as it allows customers to benefit from an advantageous position before the bet expires. The traditional betting model is based on placing a bet and at the end of an event winning or losing. Modern bettors now expect more in terms of being rewarded for being partially right and Colossus Bets taps into this development with the full and partial cash out options, more in keeping with live betting and trading.

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Player Guide

The Player Guide option takes customers to a graphical guide to betting into the Colossus but the principles apply to all pools across the range. The guide is broken down under the following headings:

Placing a bet with our easy to use coupon

Click score to select it
Multiple selections allowed
Stake selected
Any other options
Click Play

As matches progress, bank profits on your tickets

During half-time and after each match eligible tickets can be cashed out. Tickets can be sold in divisions of 10% of any part of an ongoing bet.

Partial cash out: The best of both worlds

Customers can use a slider to specify the percentage of the bet to be sold.

Or hold your nerve to win big

Customers can let the bet run to expiry to win a big prize or lose the stake.

Track the progress of your tickets

A red coloured selection is a losing bet and a green coloured selection means you have chosen the correct score. The current pool for an all correct bet and the consolations for getting 6 out of 7 and 5 out of 7 correct are shown. The tag line for the bet is: “Use your footy brain to win lotto sized prizes!”

Basic facts

  • Company Name: Colossusbets Ltd
  • Postal Address: Unit 10, 4 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2RP
  • Founded: 2012
  • Model: Football pool betting
  • Licenses: UK Gambling Commission
  • Odds Format: Not applicable
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
  • Currency: GBP
  • Restricted Countries: Residents of the United States and other prohibited territories are not allowed to bet
  • Markets: UK, Europe and Far East
  • Services: Pools, player guide, mobile version, affiliates and blog

About Colossus Bets

The Colossus Bets website usually offers guaranteed prizes on a range of pools centred on football. The amount bet into the pools means players can possibly win a significant amount for small stakes. The pool element of the bets is attractive to syndicates who can earn significant returns from perming several options.

colossus bets

Predicting correct scores is extremely difficult as there are so many combinations and factors that can affect the outcome of matches. A team could concede a late goal when in control and spoil many correct score bets.

Bettors can also cash-out a potentially winning bet to hold on to something rather than risking winning nothing. Colossus Bets offers the option of closing out a bet at half-time and before later fixtures have started if getting the correct scores of earlier matches right. Players bet into the pool up until the start of the first match on the coupon.

Placing a Bet

The Home Page displays the current pools with reference to the prize fund, the market (correct score or 1X2), in how many hours the betting closes and if the pool is Open or Running. In clicking on the pool customers are taken to the main betting page which displays pool information. For each pool customers can refer to the name of the pool, starting date, the type of market and whether the pool is Open or Running. The prize fund, consolations and amount rolled over provides further pool details. The hours until a pool closes and the number of units in the pool are also shown. The default stake unit is £2.00 but there is a drop-down menu from which to select smaller stake units.

The Colossus involves predicting the correct score of seven high-profile matches with most from the English Premier League. Six correct score options are displayed for wins for the home and away teams and two correct scores for the draw. In addition to the listed scores customer can bet on Any Other Home, Any Other Draw and Any Other Away. The correct score is selected for each match and users than click ‘Play’. The selections and stake unit are confirmed and the bet is accepted. Customer accounts are updated to reflect a bet having been placed.

The Smart pick option suggests a ticket from the most likely scores. Customers specify the number of lines to cover permutations and select the Stake which can be from £.020 to £2.00. The Total Cost is calculated and displayed and bettors can cancel the bet or proceed. Once a bet has been taken the number of units in the market increases accordingly and the total pool and prize fund grows. Pick 15 is a 1X2 pool and users must select the Home, Draw or Away result but the basic procedure for placing a bet is consistent across all pools.



The signature bet on the site is the Colossus which is subject to documented Terms and Conditions. The bet involves seven matches for which customers must specify the correct score and permutations are allowed. The first prize is a £5,000,000 jackpot. Any 6 of 7 right scores earns a prize of £5,000 and 5 from 7 earns a £3,000 consolation. The rollover amount can be displayed at any time and cash out and partial cash out is allowed at half-time of selected matches and before later matches begin. The minimum slip amount is £2 but £0.20 permutations are allowed.
There are also several minor pools which compliment the main bet, namely: Pick 15 1X2 Millionaire Correct Score, Pick 3 Correct Score, Pick 4 Correct Score, Pick 5 1X2 and Pick 8 1X2.

The minor pools offer smaller prize funds and fewer units are bet but the basic principle of predicting the correct score and match result of a number of high profile soccer matches applies.

Pools are marked as Open when none of the fixtures have begun or Running when some or part of the matches in the pool have taken place. For the Colossus the pool is defined as Running when the first match in the bet has begun.

Mobile Version

The Colossus Bets app is now available for Nokia, BlackBerry, iPhone, ipad, Android and Windows Phones.

Making selections and cashing out bets on the move is easy with the secure, fast and free App. Mobile users must click an image on the main website to download and install the app on mobile phones and tablets. The mobile version is fully functional and offers all the features and pools that are available on the desktop version of the site. Ease of use is a key requirement especially when cashing out over a limited amount of time before matches resume or begin.

Colossus Bets Contact

The Colossus Bets contact details are as follows:

  • Postal Address: Unit 10, 4 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2RP
  • Phone: UK +44 20 3393 3662
  • Customer Support: 0800 404 9529
  • Email:
  • Form for questions and comments on Contact page
  • No live Chat
  • Blog with tips, latest news, winners and pool dividends
  • Responsible gambling: setting your limits, self-exclusion, support
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Colossus Bets Twitter


The Colossus Bets Twitter feed includes details of pools, latest scores for the selected matches and news and videos of goals and match highlights. Celebratory pundit Michael Owen, who is a recognised former football player in England, tweets with regular tips and analysis. The associated tweets are mainly betting related and provide a conversation between operators and their customers.


Bets can only be placed when there are enough funds in an account to cover the total stake. Players can only have one active account and duplicate accounts can be closed. Users must specify a unique username and password which must be confidential. Accounts can be funded using Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards, Maestro, Paypal and Skrill.

The minimum deposit is £10 or the equivalent amount in other currencies. These funds are ring-fenced so in the event of the company becoming insolvent cannot be used to offset liabilities in other areas of the business. Special procedures are in place for taking out amounts over £10,000 or £100,000.

Deposits are subject to charges made by individual companies. Colossus Bets will absorb any fees associated with withdrawing funds. Multiple transactions without a reasonable amount of betting will be subject to discretionary fees. Accounts can be closed by either party and dormant accounts (365 days without use) will incur an administration fee.

Terms and Conditions

The Colossus Bets website as includes detailed terms and conditions which are required due to the nature of the pools and the amount of potential winnings involved. The UK Gambling Commission is the regulator and the UK is a trusted territory in the context of bookmaking and online gambling. The comprehensive rules of play protect the customers and the company and can be used to settle disputes and this is a useful feature when such large sums of money are at stake.

The Terms of Play include certain specific conditions. Customers must verify that they are aged 18 or over. US based residents are not allowed to bet into the pools and users must accept full responsibility for all losses. Use of an account is subject to more specific rules of play. The minimum deposit is £10 but no account fees are charged by Colossus Bets. Accounts can be closed at any time, currency limits apply and pools are subject to deductions.



Colossus Bets is one of a new breed of betting opportunities that offers lottery size prizes for a small stake. The concept is broadly based on the pools in the United Kingdom whereby players have to select eight score draws from fixtures in England and Scotland. Permutations are allowed and the low stake unit means bettors can win consequent amounts for a very small outlay. The National Lottery in the UK and other countries works on the same principle by offering huge potential prizes for a small investment.

Football pool betting originated in the United Kingdom so it is apt that Colossus Bets is a UK company regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Entries for the pools were sent by post or collected by agents but the onset of the internet means operators like Colossus Bets can provide a purely online service. The traditional game was the Treble Chance based on predicting score draws which is the precursor of the Colossus which involves correct score betting on seven selected fixtures.

Colossus Bets is tapping into the attraction of a big win for a small stake allied to the growth in sports betting in general and football in particular. Football is the most popular betting sport in the world and betting on the English Premier League is huge, both in the UK and globally. Increased live television coverage on dedicated sports channels has also led to a massive growth in soccer betting. Online sportsbooks compete by offering free bets and promotions but limits on returns means a life changing win is unlikely.

One of the major benefits of the Colossus pool is the guaranteed prize fund of £5,000,000. This is made up of £5,000,000 for getting seven scores correct. Funds are ring fenced so in the event of Colossus Bets suffering financial difficulties customers will have access to their accounts. The operation is financially secure and run by an experienced operator in this field.

The website is basic in design but easy to navigate and use. New players have access to easy to follow instructions which explain the basic concept and the finer details of betting into a pool. The main bets are advertised in the sporting and national Press. The concept is universal and pool betting of this nature is set to grow as operators look to offer something different not usually associated with traditional bookmakers.