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What Is A Dutching Calculator?

Dutching has become more popular in betting, particularly when betting on events where the outcome is hard to call. The dutching calculator will work out how much you should bet on each of your selections in order to make an equal profit – no matter which of your selections win. Would you like to know more about other types of wagers and bet calculators? Take a look at our main bet calculator article for more insight. You will find plenty of helpful information, starting with an overview of our bet calculators and promotions like the bet365 bonus code at your disposal!

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What Is Dutching?

In its simplest terms, dutching is where you bet on more than one selection on the same event to ensure the returns you make are exactly the same, no matter what the outcome. Dutching is a strategy that can be used on any sport, though it’s most commonly used when betting on horse racing and football. You can bet on these sports with bet365.

Many think that dutching guarantees a profit as you could cover all selections, but this isn’t necessarily the case. It’s vital you work out what stake to place on each selection in order to stand a chance of profiting, as well as any commission that may need taking into account – using a dutching calculator can help you do this.

Let’s use a couple of examples to explore this further. We see that England is playing France in the World Cup. Now, all three outcomes of this game – the England win, the France win and the draw, are plausible. Using the dutching method, we decide to bet on all three possible results.

Where does the profit come in? We have to assess the odds on offer and work out each separate stake so no matter what the result, we make more than all three stakes added up.

In our hypothetical example, the odds are as follows. We’ll work on the premise that we have £100 to bet with:

  • England to win – 5.0
  • Draw – 2.0
  • France to win – 4.5

Using a calculator, it tells us that we should stake £21.69 on England to win, £54.22 on the draw and £24.10 on the France victory. Whichever of these selections come in, we will win £108.43, for a profit of £8.43.

You need to be wary though that even if you bet on every possible outcome, a profit is not guaranteed. You could even make a loss if you don’t assess the odds and stake properly. A dutching calculator will work out how much you stand to gain or lose for you.

If you’re looking to make more profit, there can be more risk attached. Let’s say we don’t bet on the draw, we just cover the England win and the France win. Staking £47.37 on England and £52.63 on France means if either of these outcomes happen, we stand to make £236.84, for a profit of £136.84. However, if the game ends in a draw, we lose our bet and our £100 with it.

It’s also advisable to bet on each outcome with a different bookmaker, like bet365, Ladbrokes or William Hill. Whilst there’s nothing illegal about dutching, bookies could become suspicious if you bet on each outcome and consistently make profit, however small. General bookmaker rules apply to dutching just as much as they do to all types of betting techniques. Similar to matched betting, find similar odds at different bookmakers for each possible occurrence.

How To Use The Dutching Calculator

Using a calculator like this is a pretty straightforward process. Simply enter the odds in each box and the calculator will do the rest for you. So, if there are three possible outcomes enter the first odds in box 1, the second in box 2 etc. Note that odds in Decimal formwork much better when using a calculator.

To use a dutching calculator, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the event you want to bet on with your bookmaker (e.g. bet365).
  2. Enter the odds, in Decimal form, into the boxes.
  3. The stake required for each selection is displayed.
  4. Note the potential profit listed after calculation.
  5. Place your bets.

Advanced Dutching Calculator Functions

A good calculator will help you understand each aspect of betting using this technique, not just working out your initial stake. In this section, we’ll discuss further the more advanced functionality of other aspects of a calculator for dutching.

Include Commission

Dutching is similar to ‘laying’ bets, which makes up part of a matched betting experience. If you’re using an exchange to bet while dutching, commission is usually charged.

The Include Commission function on a calculator like this will work out what your stake should be in order to make a profit, taking into account any commission you have to pay.

Recalculate Automatically

When you’re adding in odds on your calculator, you might see that you’re in for a loss. So, you find another bet instead and add these odds. Hitting the Recalculate Automatically button does as its name suggests – it will automatically recalculate the odds you enter as you go along, making it quicker and easier for you to see what stakes you need to place. Not choosing this option isn’t necessarily a problem, it takes seconds, but a quickly updated stake suggestion makes it much easier to use.

Why Use The Dutching Calculator?

As with matched betting and accumulator calculators, using a dutching calculator makes betting using this technique much quicker and far more simple.

Instead of taking the time to work out each stake for each set of odds on a particular event, entering all the information into the calculator makes the whole process much more smooth. No more taking time to do the equations yourself!

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