What is a Double Bet?

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A Double Bet is the most common and straightforward bet on multiple selections. Basically, it’s two different selections combined into one. Read our guide to find more info about how to use and calculate them.

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Types of Double Bets

There are a few types of Double Bets we’d like to cover here:

  • Each way
  • Treble on 3 selections
  • Four-fold accumulator – on 4 selections
  • Five-fold accumulator –  on 5 selections

Depending on the sport, there might be other types. Make sure you decide which one you want to place before you fill out the bet slip.

Double Bets

Double Bets explained

Before you start betting, make sure you go through this guide. They will certainly come in handy.

A step-by-step guide

Here are the steps you need to take if you want to place a double bet:

  1. Access your account at the online bookie of your choice and add two selections to your bet slip.
  2. Enter your stake.
  3. Confirm and place the bet.

You can apply these steps at any online bookmaker since they are almost always the same.

An example

You put £10 on Team A to win at 1.5 and Team B to win at 4.0. Your returns would be these:

  • Return: £10 x (1.5 x 4) = £60
  • Profit: return – stake = £50

In case one or both teams lost, your profit would be £0.

How does a Double Bet work in horse racing?

Horse Racing means you need to select two horses that you think will win in two consecutive races. As if choosing one isn’t hard enough. Before you place this bet, make sure you pick your favourites for both events.

Double Betting on other sports

This type of bet is heavily present in other betting markets, as well. There is a double chance football bet, one on 3 selections, or on 5 selections. All of these types are applicable to numerous sports. All you have to do is select the sporting event you’d like to bet on and use the Calculator.

How to use a Double Bet Calculator?

If you want to calculate manually, you can, and it’s easy. But, why risk making an error, when you can use a double bet calculator? Here’s how you can use it. Enter the price of the two selections, type in the stake and you’ll see what your potential return would be.

Use our Double Bet Calculator here.


Read the answers to some of the questions about this kind of bet

How do I calculate returns from a Double Bet?

Easily, you can use the Calculator to see what your return could be.

Is a Double Bet a good bet?

Since it’s the simplest of all multiple bets, it’s safe to say that this is a good bet to place. Especially if you’re a beginner in online betting.

How does a Double Each Way Bet work?

An each way Double is made up of two each way bets placed on different events where the stake and return from the first each way bet fund the stake for the second one.

How do you win a Double Bet?

In order to win, both your selections need to win. If either one of them loses, your profit will be lost.

Are Double Bets worth it?

Since they are the simplest multiplier bets available to punters, they are very popular, and with that, worth it. This type of bet gives you an opportunity to bet on more than one selection at a time.

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