What is Dutching Betting?

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This article explains what Dutching betting is, how it works and see which platforms offer Dutch betting. You can also learn how the Dutch betting calculator works and which sports you can bet on using Dutching.

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What does Dutching mean?

The term Dutching comes from “Dutch Betting”, a type of bet where you back multiple selections in one event. The term is named after Arthur Flegenheimer, aka Dutch Schultz. Even though its origins are, to say the least, questionable, this type of betting is completely legal.

Types of Dutch Betting

In general, there are three types of Dutching betting:

  • Simple – the stake remains the same.
  • Set Amount – the stake for each selection decreases as more runners are added, but the total stake stays the same.
  • Set Profit – both the total and individual stakes increase as you add more runners.

Dutching Betting

A Dutch Bet Explained

If you opt for Dutching Betting, your stake will be equally distributed on each selection. That way, whichever selection is the winning one, you will profit equally. In case you lose, your stakes will also be lost.

How to place a Dutch bet – Step-by-Step Guide

Dutch betting is not that complicated, once you get a hang of the rules. If you want to try Dutching, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Find a bookmaker that offers Dutching Betting as an option.
  2. Open an account and make a deposit.
  3. Find an event you’d like to bet on and confirm your bet.

An Example

Since Dutching horse racing is the most widespread in this kind of betting, we’ll give you an example of what it looks like.

If you’d like to try out Dutching on horse racing, and you want to bet £3 on a race, but you think the winner is among the three favourites whose odds are 4/1, in Dutching betting, you will place £1 on all 3 favourites. That will get you £5 back regardless of which favourite actually wins the race.

How to Calculate a Dutch Bet

Since calculating the Dutching might become complicated at some point, the best way, in our opinion, is to use the Dutch betting calculator. Read below what the Dutching calculator is and how you can use it.

What is a Dutching calculator?

The Dutching calculator is an algorithm that can automatically calculate the potential returns once you enter your stake and the odds. You’ll instantly get results. That way, you can see in advance if you need to make some changes to reach the desired potential profit.

Dutching and Horse Racing

Dutching horse racing is the most popular with this type of bet. In this case, Dutching allows you to make a few selections in one horse racing event, which can only help you if a winning horse is among the ones in your selection.

Dutching Tips

If you’re fairly new to the world of Dutching betting, some Dutch betting tips will certainly come in handy. Before you dive into Dutching, go through some tips, just to get a hang of the rules. Make sure your tips come only from reliable sources.

Dutching on Other Sports

Even though we named Dutching horse racing as one of the most common sports in this type of betting, this strategy can be applied to other sports as well. One of them is Dutching football. It works the same as with any other sport. The best and safest way to calculate the potential return is to use the dutch betting calculator.

Dutching Betting FAQ

Here are some of the most frequent questions punters usually have about Dutching betting.

How much do I get back on a Dutch Bet?

Well, that depends on your stake and how many selections you make. But, no matter what your Dutch betting selections are, whichever one wins, the profit will be the same.

Where can I place a Dutch Bet?

Most online bookmakers offer Dutching betting as an option to all their punters.

How can I place a Dutch Bet?

Once you’ve chosen the event to bet on, make multiple selections of the outcome and place a Dutching bet.

What does Dutching mean in betting?

The Dutching meaning comes from the terms “Dutch betting” and refers to placing stakes on a few possible outcomes in one sporting event.

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