What is a Single Bet?

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A Single Bet is pretty straightforward and easy to place. It’s popular both among new and experienced bettors. The biggest advantage of this type of bet is its simplicity. It includes only one selection or market, and if your guess is right, you can get a return. Continue to read our betting guide and discover when Single Bets are usually placed, what types of them exist and how to use a Single Bet Calculator.

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Why Make a Single Bet?

This is a question that a lot of bettors ask themselves. One of the reasons is the higher winning percentage of Single Bets compared to other, more complex types of bets. You just need to guess one outcome correctly. Therefore, your return doesn’t depend on several events.

We all know that ugly feeling when you guess 4 out of 5 outcomes and you lose your bet because of the last one. Well, with a Single Bet that can’t happen. It’s either you win or lose. There’s no in-between.

Single Bet

Single Bet Explained

Before placing a Single Bet, you need to decide the amount you want to stake. The bigger the stake, the bigger the potential returns. If your bet loses, the bookmaker gets to keep the stake and the punter doesn’t get anything.

If your selection wins, you’ll get both the stake and profit. Your total returns depend on the betting odds. Of course, all the bookmakers offer lower odds on selections they believe have more chance to win. On the other hand, higher odds bring bigger payouts.

Usually, a lot of punters try to find value bets. In other words, they bet on selections that, according to them, are more likely to happen than the odds imply.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Place a Single Bet?

All the bookmakers accept this type of bet. It is available for all sports and all over the world. Here’s what you need to do to place such a bet:

  1. Find the perfect online sportsbook.
  2. Open a new account.
  3. Pick your selection.
  4. Place a bet and wait for the outcome.

An Example

To see how placing a Single Bet looks like, let’s take a look at the following example:

Let’s say that you bet £2 on Manchester to win at odds of 2/1. If your bet is winning you can get £2 * (2/1 + 1) = £6.

In this case, you actually get £4 since the amount of your stake is £2. On the other hand, if your bet is losing you’ll just lose your £2.

Single Bet Types

Each-way bet is a type of Single Bet. Usually used for horse racing bets, an each-way bet consists of two different bets: one for a selection to win and the other placed on same selection to place.

Since each-way bet includes the win and the place bet that are considered to be two separate bets the stake doubles.

Win Single Bet

A Win Single Bet is a type of betting method where you pick a selection to win. In other words, it’s betting on the outright winner, which is more or less the basis for sports betting.

Calculating the Win

The potential returns depend on your stake and the odds offered by the bookmaker. Formulas for working them out are the following ones:

  • For fractional odds:

Potential Returns: Stake x (Enumerator + Denominator) / Denominator

  • For fractional odds:

Potential Returns: Stake x Odds

How to use a Single Bet Calculator?

Instead of bothering yourself with all the maths, you can use a bet calculator for calculating your returns. You can use this Single Bet calculator here.

Where to place a Single Bet

Like we have already said, you can place a Single Bet at every bookmaker in every country and for all types of sport since this is the simplest form of betting.

How does a Single Bet work in horse racing?

For example, let’s say that you want to bet on Grand National. The maximum number of runners is 40. You have to pick only one horse to win. You decide to bet on a horse to win at odds of 7/6 which is actually 46.2% implied probability of the horse winning the race.

Single Bets on Other Sports

A Single Line Bet can be placed on all kinds of sports and events. Usually, it’s a common choice for bettors who bet on football, horse racing, basketball, tennis, MMA, etc.


Explore the following FAQ section with more answers on Single Bets. You might come across an answer you’ve been looking for.

Is an each-way bet a Single Bet?

Yes, it’s a type of Single bet, consisting of two separate bets.

What is the minimum stake required for a Single bet?

It depends on the terms of use of your bookmaker. Make sure to read them before placing a bet.

Where can Single bets be placed?

Pretty much everywhere; at any sportsbook, in every country and for all types of sports.

Are Single Bets worthwhile?

If you manage to spot value bets, then yes, they can be worthwhile.

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