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ProsConsBonus Info
✓ Long odds✘ Limited betting marketsCode is: MAXSPORT
✓ Low commission rates✘ Poor live bettingBonus amount: Up to £500
✓ No account restrictions✘ Complicated websiteRequirement – T&Cs

Matchbook, as generous as they are, released a great welcome offer for all the new customers. By registering and placing bets within the first 5 weeks you can get up to £500 cash back! It is a special treat for those who are just starting their journey with betting. The offer is available for new customers who sign up before October 31st, 2017. 

With the exclusive Matchbook bonus code MAXSPORT, you can get £500 in cash back for a great start. Note, that Matchbook won our Customer Support Test – check out its performance!

matchbook bonus code MAXBONUS

The internet has taken the world by storm! Now it is possible to carry out all types of transactions and communications online with just a few clicks. Betting exchanges have become very popular and it has now become extremely easy to bet online and reap the fruits of your success within a short time. Matchbook offers great incentives with lowest commission rates and easy means when it comes to betting online.

If you have been facing problems and frustration with old and heavily used betting exchanges, if you hate the unnecessary commission penalties and have become tired of paying premier charges, it is time to sign up with Matchbook and enjoy a high class and luxury betting experience.

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Matchbook Bonus Code 2017: MAXSPORT

Matchbook offer excellent promotions and enable their customers to enjoy good betting and great profits. Not only the commission rates are as low as they can get (only 1 %) – there are also frequent commission reduction offers all the year round that are meant to encourage new bettors to come and enjoy betting risk-free. Most of the betting exchanges charge 5 % or more commission just because they are letting you bet on their exchange. If you are tired of paying extra, Matchbook is clearly the best choice with lucrative deals and bonuses plus lowest commission rates.

TermsBonus Offer
Bonus amount£500
Bonus typeCash back
Rollover RequirementsNot Applicable
Minimum depositNot applicable
Matchbook Bonus CodeMAXSPORT

Bonus code verified on 24th of October 2017.

It is essential to enter the Matchbook bonus code MAXSPORT when signing up to ensure you get the best possible bonus. Even though Matchbook is new to betting exchange business and has started its operations only a few months ago, yet everything has been planned and organized in the most professional and credible manner to support bettors and offer a true betting exchange experience!

Matchbook Promotions

There are fabulous offers and Matchbook promotions 2017 for the best betting experience you can imagine. The best thing about betting at Matchbook is the bonus up to £500. All you need to enjoy this offer is to sign up and enter the Matchbook bonus code MAXSPORT.

This Matchbook promotion has enabled many people to enjoy the fruits of betting who were not so confident of their abilities to bet – but the fabulous Matchbook promotions enabled them to taste what betting is and how exciting it can be.

matchbook welcome offer

Matchbook Commission Refund

Matchbook Exchange Welcome Offer awards bonus of up to £500! This offer applies to new customers only, whose bets must be placed within five weeks from the moment they have placed their first bet at Matchbook.

As an exchange bookmaker, this operator offers better prices than traditional sportsbooks even when the commission is taken into account. They compete on price so their odds are boosted when compared to other conventional online bookmakers. In placing bets with Matchbook the best exchange odds are displayed and the amount that is available for betting at that price.

£500 Cash Back Welcome Bonus

Once registered as a new customer, the only thing required is to deposit and place back or lay bets on any of the markets available. This promotion goes on for 5 weeks starting from the moment you have placed your first qualifying bet.

matchbook cashback


  • Customers must open an account using a promotional link, bonus code, and deposit funds
  • There are no back bet requirements, meaning bets can be placed at any odds on any market
  • There is no maximum liability when it comes to lay bets
  • Bets can be placed on all markets
  • Bonus funds granted from this promotion are up to a maximum of £500
  • The promo is applicable for the bets placed in the first 5 weeks
  • There are no rollover requirements
  • Country restrictions apply

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matchbook casino welcome bonus

The latest casino welcome offer at Matchbook

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Matchbook Introduction

Matchbook is what is known as an exchange bookmaker in that they provide facilities for customers to place and take bets. The concept was first developed by a small company that was then purchased by Betfair who now dominate the market. Several other traditional bookmakers have tried to promote an exchange but without success. There is clearly an appetite for betting exchanges but new entrants to the sector will always face the challenge of winning market share from Betfair.

Matchbook entered the sector in 2004 but only became prominent after being purchased by UK investors in 2011. It is too early to conclude if they are able to make inroads into Betfair’s position in the market which they are targeting by charging less commission. In the areas of languages, currencies, payment options and sports events Matchbook are inferior to Betfair. Customers based in the United States are restricted. Bookmaker betting review sites have awarded Matchbook an average rating.

Exchange Betting

Matchbook is involved in the activity of exchange betting which has only been available since the start of the millennium. A betting exchange is a place where backers and layers mainly of sports events meet. There are a number of differences between a betting exchange and a conventional bookmaker:

  • Customers can take bets on the outcome of an event in addition to betting that something will happen with other users of the site
  • Exchange betting lends itself to in-play trading as backers and layers can create good or bad positions while an event takes place
  • Customers can close bets before expiry to guarantee a profit or minimise a loss
  • Betting exchange make money by charging a commission on each transaction
  • Bets are only restricted by the meeting of a backer and a layer at an agreed price for an amount specified
  • Odds are expressed in decimal format by default and not in fractions but other types can be selected within the Display Settings that also include language and currency

Customers who use betting exchanges can back and lay (take a bet) on an outcome. The betting exchange is a broker and does not make any decisions about accepting bets. An operator provides the facilities for backing and laying and brings together both parties. Matchbook is a recent addition to the sector and offers exchange rather than traditional betting. The major obstacle for entering this market is liquidity which is the amount of money bet into a market. The greater the liquidity the better the chance of bets being matched. Betfair again dominates in the context of exchange betting liquidity.


Matchbook charges a 1% commission on each bet placed which is much lower than the commission Betfair charges. The rate applies to the profits on a successful bet, both back and lay. Losing bets are also subject to a commission which is calculated on the smaller figure between the stake and potential profit or liability.

From December 1st 2014 customers in the UK and Ireland have been charged a standard rate of 1.15%. The thinking behind this premium is that many British and Irish exchange bettors use Betfair which has a complex commission structure but in all cases the rates are more than 1%. Customer loyalty is rewarded with better rates.

These customers also have access to traditional bookmakers that charge no commission but compensate by offering lower odds. A UK and Ireland customer has plenty of betting choices so can use an exchange with better odds but pay commission on back and lay bets. Matchbook has no interest in the outcome of events as commission earnings are based on turnover.

Commissions can vary depending on the odds. The rate on any losing bets at odds of 1.99 or less will be 1% of the liability of the bet. Customers pay a commission when they have winning and losing bets. Competitive commissions are part of the Matchbook business plan as they cannot compete with Betfair with regards the amount of money in a market and the range of events.

Sports Betting

An exchange is more suited to betting on sports than horse racing. In the UK the traditional betting medium was racing. Before the growth of sports betting most bets taken by British bookmakers were for racing. Traditional cash betting offices mainly took bets on racing. Greyhound racing was also popular but sports betting opportunities were limited.

Sports betting has boomed in the last 15 years and sports are suited to backing and laying through an exchange such as Matchbook. Soccer accounts for about 50% of all sports bets and this share of the market is reflected in the leagues and matches for soccer covered by Betfair. Matchbook is currently not able to compete with Betfair in terms of the range of leagues but its football offer is constantly evolving and improving.


The Matchbook sports menu includes 15 options, made up of 12 sports, current events, politics and Esports. Soccer appears at the top of the menu and its position reflects the amount of money wagered on this sport. The sub-menu lists 13 countries, covering the main football leagues in Europe and South America. Odds are listed for the UEFA Champions League and Euro 2016 at the bottom of the menu.

English Premier League

The English Premier League is the most popular football league around the world for betting. Matches are shown across the globe and attract huge television audiences and betting in Asia. Handicap betting on football has been modified for the Asian market in the form of Asian Handicaps as described below. The EPL is the richest in the world due to lucrative TV deals. The clubs can pay the highest wages and attract the best players. The footballing talent helps audiences grow and the cycle continues.

At the time of writing Matchbook offered odds for the Premier League, Championship and League 1. The upcoming matches are covered with back and lay odds for the 1X2, handicap and totals. Back odds are displayed in blue and lay odds are shown in pink. A range of back and lay prices are displayed in boxes that also contain the liquidity. The number of markets is limited to three so there is plenty of scope for development in this area.


The key to any successful exchange market is the amounts that are bet into the exchange. If customer bets are consistently unmatched there is a flaw in the business model. The levels of liquidity for Betfair football markets is significantly greater than for the equivalent markets on the Matchbook website. Back and lay odds are available for the main leagues in Spain, Germany and Italy, in addition to some minor European leagues and the main leagues in Brazil and Argentina.


Across all forms of internet betting tennis is the second most popular sport, especially for live betting. Odds can fluctuate from point to point and tennis is a great trading sport. Both players can be the favourite over the course of just a few points. Matchbook covers the main men’s and women’s tournaments with a full range of matches and a limited range of markets, generally only covering the winner of the match. Betfair has a much more extensive range of tennis markets.

Tennis is another sport in which Matchbook cannot compete with Betfair who offer a much more extensive range of tournaments and matches. Liquidity in tennis matches is relatively small on the Matchbook website so traders look elsewhere when backing and laying after each point in a match. Breaks of serve cause significant price fluctuations and trading is only feasible when there is plenty of liquidity in a market.

Other sports covered by Matchbook are:

  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby Union
  • Golf
  • NCAA Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • MMA
  • Boxing

Live Betting

Exchange bookmakers such as Matchbook are tailor made for live betting. This involves placing bets during an event as the scoring changes. In the past a market would close when an event began and the customer was not able to close a bet or be paid before expiry. In the current betting environment it is now possible to back or lay something happening until the conclusion of an event.

When betting in-play customers must accept a delay between the point at which a bet is placed and when it is accepted and entered the system. The delay is due to the fact that some customers may have access to scoring changes slightly ahead of others betting into a market. Consequently bets that have not been matched due to a change in the score are cancelled which makes for a fairer system. Matchbook applies a time delay of between 1 and 10 seconds.

When a customer places a bet the odds can move in their favour as the event progresses. Conversely the odds can work the other way and go against the bet. In any market a change in odds will benefit some customers and handicap others. Matchbook offers a cash out facility which guarantees a profit or minimises a loss.

Part of a bet can be cashed out leaving the rest to fluctuate depending on how an event develops. Traditional bookmakers now also offer a cash out option during a live event. Returns are automatically calculated to generate the same profit or loss regardless of how the odds pans out at the end of an event. Football and tennis are by far the most popular live betting sports.

Asian handicaps

Asian Handicap betting is a form of betting on football. The aim is to offer competitive two-way markets by applying a start in goals to the weaker team. This type of betting takes the draw out of the equation and creates markets for which there are only two outcomes. The purpose of an Asian Handicap is to attract two-way interest and prices move based on the weight of money bet into each option. They can be applied to any football match and the odds on offer are derived from the odds in the three-way market.

Single and Two Option Asian Handicaps

Matchbook offers a full range of Asian handicap betting opportunities for their football leagues and matches. Asian handicaps are available in the form of a single handicap and two handicaps. The latter offer two lines and customers are betting on both with half the total stake for each line. When betting on half-goal handicaps a bet is either a winner or loser and it is not possible to score half a goal. Full goal handicap betting can result in ties and all bets are refunded. These are less popular as customers and Matchbook prefer an actual outcome rather than the return all stakes.

Matchbook Guide To Asian Handicaps

The Matchbook website includes a useful guide to Asian Handicaps with an explanation and illustrations of each type. Customers can back or lay in these markets and can close bets during a match by using the cash out facility or placing counter bets to guarantee a profit or minimise losses. A one goal swing in a soccer match has huge implications for Asian Handicaps.

Asian Handicap betting is so called because it was traditionally offered by bookmakers based in Asia where stakes can be huge. Bookmakers will accept these bets because the margins are in their favour and they can attract two-way money. Price fluctuations can be made in an attempt to balance liabilities.

Matchbook does not offer conventional handicap betting for soccer matches as the Asian Handicaps are much more popular, in Asia but also around the rest of the world. UK customers prefer normal handicap betting but elsewhere there has been a growth in the Asian version. Live televised matches especially from England generate huge amounts of Asian Handicap betting.

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Matchbook App

Matchbook offers applications for iOS and Android. Regulations determine that the app can only be accessed from certain regions. Mobile users need to have Location Services on their phones switched on in order to use the Matchbook app. Once this has been installed customers must restart the application and reinstall the app so that Location Services work correctly.

Matchbook has also recently introduced a brand new product which is the third version of their mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Surprisingly, it is not a regular update but a completely new thing. With a new version of their mobile apps, Matchbook aimed to enhance the overall user experience by redesigning and improving navigation, as well as speeding up the process of loading markets. The outcome is a straightforward and clear interface which allows for a quick browsing and having a single overview of wallet balance, bets, or insights.Matchbook mobile app

New mobile users click a link in the Matchbook site to launch the App Store. They must then search for Matchbook and download the application. For all devices internet connectivity via Wifi or 3G/4G is required. Once the app has been downloaded the full functionality of the desktop version is available on mobile devices. Customers can trade events in running using the mobile application.

Matchbook Lounge

The Matchbook Lounge is a relatively new feature on the website and includes the following options:

Betting Previews

At the time of writing this area included previews for the main events in the following sports:

  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Rugby Union

The betting previews include a statistical analysis for each match, goal line stats for soccer matches and a prediction with some commentary. For each preview there is a recommendation comprising the outcome and odds on offer with Matchbook.

Live Scores

Markets that can be bet through the Matchbook site are covered for live scoring. There is a link from the live scoring part of the site to the exchange betting markets for each match. The Bet Slip, unmatched bets and matched bets are displayed for a logged in customer within the lounge area. Customers can check bets before placing them. This option allows bets to be reviewed before confirmation. This facility can be turned On or Off at any time by selecting or de-selecting the option.


Matchbook has a Twitter account using the name @TeamMatchbook. At the time of writing the following figures applied:

  • Tweets: 30.1K
  • Following: 2,905
  • Followers: 20.7K
  • Favourites: 1,882
  • Lists: 1

The tweets include exchange betting advice and guidelines and sports betting news. Relevant entries are retweeted and tweets are added on a daily basis. The Matchbook Twitter account also includes Who To Follow and Trends. The page also displays followers you might know and 10.6k Photos and videos. The Twitter page also includes a logo for Gamcare which is organisation that addresses problems associated with addictive gambling.


Existing customers can login using their account details to join what is described as the world’s fastest growing betting community though there is no concrete evidence to show that this claim is correct. The Forum invites comments with regards general sports news, betting developments for the main betting sports and advice on how to use the Matchbook website and mobile version.

At the time of writing the Forum subjects had only attracted a handful of entries. The Forum page also displays the Bet Slip and all unmatched and matched bets. Forum comments are added by Matchroom staff and customers. The number of comments, latest entries and the time since the last entry are displayed. Users can scroll down a list of the current Form topics which date back about six weeks.

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Customer Support Test Result

Matchbook is the winner of our Customer Service Test in which we chose 10 influential bookmakers and tested the actual helpfulness of their helpdesk. Thanks to an exceptional time of response, helpfulness and admirable availability, the betting exchange placed first in this test.

There were minor point losses – and the score is far from perfect. But in the test we decided to be hard on purpose and Macthbook turned out to be the most successful. You can read more about the test and it’s results in our report.

matchbook customer support test result


Matchbook can be contacted by telephone, Email, Live chat and post. The contact page also includes links to the licensing authorities and organisations that deal with problem gambling. This page includes logos that can be selected to direct customers to Matchbook’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. The contact page is one option within an About Matchbook menu that also includes About Us, In The Press and Mobile Applications. There is also a link to the Home Page on the About Matchbook page.

Matchbook Bookie – The Best Option

If you are looking for the perfect website to start betting on your favorite game and team, the Matchbook bookie is the best option. Placing a bet at Matchbook is just like betting at regular sportsbook, all you have to do is to click on the box that shows the best odds available, enter your stake and submit. The dollar amount in the box will show the current amount that is available to bet at that price.

It is all very simple and easy to understand once you sign up and start betting. And even if problems should occur other tipsters might help you out in the famous Matchbook forum. No matter in which country or city you are living, all you need is a computer, a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection or a smart phone and you can connect to Matchbook bookie within no time and bet on the game of your choice. Just make sure to enter the Matchbook bonus code MAXSPORT when you sign up!