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Each Way bets are extremely common, but working out your potential winnings can be more difficult. This is where our Each Way bet calculator comes in. With a range of functions available, let’s take a look at how using the Each Way bet calculator can make your betting easier. We have a range of bet calculators that could help you work out your profits and stakes with ease.

Each Way Bet Calculator

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What Is The Each Way Bet Calculator?

Fan of Each Way betting but wondering how to use an Each Way Bet Calculator? You might be finding it tough to work out what you stand to win. Our Each Way bet calculator can simplify this process for you. Simply enter the details of your bet, and our calculator will do the rest for you.

The Each Way calculator is a tool which will quickly work out each aspect of your bet. What do you need to do? Enter the details of your bet, including odds, stake and your bookmaker’s E/W terms. The Each Way calculator will then display how much profit you could make.

A good way to use the Each Way calculator is to enter the information of potential bets. So, if you’re thinking of placing an E/W bet but want to work out if it’s worth it, you can use this software to analyse the maths.

What Is An Each Way Bet?

Each Way betting can be used on a number of sports, but is most commonly associated with horse and greyhound racing.

In essence, an Each Way bet can be considered as two separate wagers. The first part is a bet on your selection to win, and the second is your selection to place.

We’ll use horse racing to explain further. Let’s say you place an E/W bet on a horse with odds of 4/1 with a total stake of £20. £10 goes on your horse to win, with the remaining £10 staked on your horse to place.

If your selection passes the post first, you have a £10 win on 4/1. What if your horse doesn’t win, but is placed?

This depends on the terms your bookie has set. This information is usually displayed at the top of the race card. You will see Each Way ¼ or Each Way ⅕, for example. In the case of the former, winning each way bets will be paid out at a quarter of the original odds. For the latter, a fifth of the original odds.

Place terms can also vary. Typically, a bookmaker will set this at the first three places. In races that feature a large number of horses, the number of places can increase to four and five. For races that only contain a handful of runners, this number can reduce to two. Occasionally, Each Way betting isn’t available, if the number of runners is small.

Sometimes, Rule 4 may be applied. This Rule is used to adjust possible winnings if a runner is withdrawn from the race.

The variety in terms is what makes it difficult to assess how much you should stake and how much you could win. This is why using our Each Way calculator can be extremely beneficial to you.

How To Use The Each Way Bet Calculator

To calculate how much you should stake and how much profit you stand to make, follow these steps.

  1. Enter the number of selections
  2. Choose your odds format
  3. Enter the Outcome of the bet (Winner or Place, for example)
  4. Enter the odds, both for the Win and the Place
  5. Select if Rule 4 applies
  6. Choose your stake type, and enter your stake
  7. Our calculator will do the rest

Advanced Each Way Bet Calculator Functions

There are additional functions our bet calculator can perform. Let’s take a look at some of these now.

Calculate Returns For System Bets

System bets can be difficult to calculate, particularly if you’re betting Each Way on one or more selections. With our calculator, you can input exactly what type of bet you’ve placed or are looking to place.

Choose Between Odds Formats

You can choose between Fractional, Decimal and American odds formats with our calculator. We advise that you use the odds you’re most familiar with, as this will reduce the chance of making mistakes.

Why Use The Each Way Bet Calculator

What are the benefits of using our Each Way bet calculator? Using the calculator can reduce the risk of making mistakes when you work out your potential profit margins. It’s also much quicker to use the calculator, rather than attempting to work it out yourself.

If you’re placing multiple Each Way bets, particularly in the form of system bets, it’s easy to get confused. It can also be tough to work out how much you should stake in order to make maximum profit. Use our calculator to assess how much you should wager.

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