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There is a good reason why you will need a Goliath Bet Calculator to deal with Goliath bets. The bet is truly one of monster proportions, including as many as 247 bets. With a Goliath Calculator, you can get an insight into your potential returns in only a couple of seconds. If you would like to know more about other types of bets and betting calculators, feel free to check out our main bet calculator article.

Goliath Bet Calculator

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Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:
Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:
Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:
Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:
Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:
Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:
Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:

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What is a Goliath Bet Calculator?

Goliath Betting Calculator is a tool that helps you instantly calculate the potential payout of a Goliat Bet. Using it is absolutely essential if you want to micro-manage individual parts of your bet and see how the changes affect your returns.

But, with an intimidating name like that, it’s worth explaining what a Goliath bet actually is. Will that make it easier to digest is up to you to decide.

What is a Goliath Bet?

Goliath betting is a complex betting system which consists of 247 bets, placed on 8 selections. These are the exact bets which are included within the 247:

  • 28 doubles
  • 56 trebles
  • 70 fourfold accumulators
  • 56 fivefold accumulators
  • 28 sixfold accumulators
  • 8 sevenfold accumulators and
  • 1 eightfold accumulator

Now, it’s easy to notice that placing a Goliath bet can set you back quite a bit. Wagering just £1 per bet translates to a staggering £247. But, as you might expect, the winning potential can get massive if each of your bets lands. And in order to have a return, at least two of your eight selections will need to win.

Much like the Super Heinz Bet, Goliath bets are recommended to experienced players. It is important that the bettor makes proper selections, and does proper research. This is where a Goliath Calculator comes incredibly useful, as it allows the users to tailor their bets and keep track of any changes.

Goliath Bet

How to use the Goliath Bet Calculator

The fact that Bet Calculators are easy to use is one of the main reasons for their popularity. Despite being one of the most complex betting types, Goliath Bets are just as easy to manage using a Goliath Betting Calculator.

What you need to do in order to use the calculator is fill in the odds for the 8 selections you’ve made and choose the outcome of each one. The last thing to do before the algorithm calculates your returns is enter the amount you plan to wager.

Remember, since you’ll ultimately be placing 247 bets, it’s best to start with small amounts, at least until you get a feel for it.

Advanced Goliath Bet Calculator functions

Goliath Bet can be used for a variety of sports. That is why there are some advanced features which can help you fine-tune every aspect of your bet.

Calculate returns for system bets

Determining how big your returns on bets will be is one of the best features of a Goliath Betting Calculator. What’s great is the fact that you can individually change the outcome on each bet, and the returns will update right away. This leaves you with more time to spend to actually making proper selections of markets, instead of dealing with calculations.

Choose between odds formats

As you know not all punters are used to using the same betting formats. That is why betting calculators usually include the function to set a preferred format. The ones that are offered are fractional, decimal, and American.

Enter each-way bets

Since multiple bets like this one are very popular in betting on horse races, betting calculators often include the each-way bet toggle. If you are not familiar with each way bets, they are actually two bets in one.

You make a bet that a horse will either win the race or place, usually in the top 4 or 5. Returns are smaller in each-way bets, but there is consequently a bigger chance that the bet will land.

Why use the Goliath Bet calculator

Using a Goliath Betting Calculator is like offloading the most tedious parts of Goliath betting onto someone else. It will save you a ton of time and effort. It will also give you the ability to make changes to your bet and see how they’ll affect your total. With a complex bet like this one, it is almost unimaginable why you would choose not to use it.

Bookmaker Sign Up Codes

As you are aware, betting odds can sometimes significantly differ from one operator to another. So, apart from making a proper selection when it comes to the market, you choose to bet on, it is also important to select the right online bookmaker. Apart from the odds, another you should also be paying attention to the operators’ bonus offers. To make things easier for you, below we have listed the bonus codes for top UK online sportsbooks.

Upcoming Football – Latest Tips

Planning to use a Goliath for betting on football matches? We’ve made a selection of tips for the upcoming matches from Europe’s top leagues. (odds are subject to change)

Yield: 9.42%
Chelsea vs Malmoe FF
Champions League Grp. H
20/10 21:00
Chelsea (-3) (EH)
On Wednesday at 21:00 CET the UEFA Champions League continues with the 3rd matchday of the group stage. Among others with a game from Group H between Chelsea from England the Malmö FF from Sweden. I am...
Yield: 9.42%
Salzburg vs Wolfsburg
Champions League Grp. G
20/10 18:45
Wolfsburg to win
On Wednesday evening at 18:45 CET the UEFA Champions League continues with the 3rd matchday of the group stage. In Group G Red Bull Salzburg will be awaiting VfL Wolfsburg. I am placing 5 units on VfL...
Yield: 1.89%
FC Porto vs AC Milan
Champions League Grp. B
19/10 21:00
AC Milan to win
In champions league group are playing Porto against Milan . I think Milan will win this match , because they are playing very well this season . First 2 matches they didnt have luck but i think on this...

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