What is Each Way Betting?

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As one of the most popular types of bets, especially when it comes to horse racing, Each Way betting is a staple of every sportsbook. It is popular primarily because it significantly increases your chances of winning, at the expense of odds. In this article, we will explain the each way terms and show you how to build and e w bet.

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What does Each Way mean?

The best way to have Each Way Bet explained is to explain the each way meaning itself. Each Way (EW or E/W) means that bettors can win a bet regardless of whether their selection wins or places. For the win portion of the bet to bring you a payout, your selection will have to win the tournament or a race.

On the other hand, the place part of the bet will bring you a return if your selection wins or takes the second or third place. The place bet will usually bring you a fraction of the winnings you would get on a winning bet.

So, as you can see, there is a clear trade-off. You get a lower payout, but there are much bigger chances to get it.

Each Way Bet

An Each Way Bet explained

At its core, an EW Bet actually consists of two different bets – a win bet and a place bet. What this means it that Each Way betting costs twice as much to place. So, a £10 Each Way Bet would cost £20 to make.

An E/W Bet step-by-step guide

So here is how you place an Each Way Bet:

  1. Find the market and selection you are interested in.
  2. Enter your stake and tick the E/W box.
  3. Click the “Place Bet” or an equivalent button in order to finish placing your bet.

An Example

In order to better explain the betting rules, we will take a practical example. Let’s say you bet £20 single each way in a horse race on a 10-1 selection. Let’s also say that the race pays 1/4 the odds on place. Your bet will cost you £40 in total. Now here are the possible scenarios.

If your selection wins, the returns would be £20 x (10/1 x 1) + stake = £220
Returns on the place bet would be £20 x (10/4 x 1) + stake = £70

So, if your horse wins the race, your total returns will be £290. If the horse finished second or third, the returns will be £70.

EW Betting and Horse Racing

E/W betting has been a major part of horse racing ever since its beginnings. Since predicting the winner of a horse race is notoriously difficult, an each way horse racing bet significantly increases the chances at a return. Based on our example, it’s easy to see how and why this bet is so popular in horse racing.

How to calculate an Each Way

The easiest way to calculate an EW bet would be to use an Each Way Bet calculator. Betting calculators are, generally, easily available online and they can calculate your potential returns in a matter of seconds. You will usually only be required to enter the each way odds and the amount you want to wager. The calculator will then automatically calculate the amount you can potentially get depending on the win scenarios.

EW Betting Tips

In order to find the best Each Way tips, make sure to look for reputable tipster communities where users are rated based on success.


If you have any additional questions regarding this betting type, you can take a look at our FAQ section.

How much do I get back on an Each Way Bet?

This mostly depends on the each way odds your selection has. In general, with Each Way betting, the win portion of the bet is significantly higher than the place portion. If your selection ends up winning, your returns will be calculated by combining the two parts of the bet.

Where can I place an Each Way?

You can place it in any sportsbook which offers this type of bet on a particular event. As we have said, ew bets are very popular in horse race betting, but they are also common in other sports, like speedway, football, tennis, and golf.

How can I place an Each Way Bet?

In order to place an EW bet, you will first need to make a selection. You then need to make an equivalent stake on both a win and a place bet. When you are done, all you have to do is wait for the resolution of the match or race.

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