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You can use our Lucky 63 calculator to calculate the return from this system bet. Take some time and explore it, it is quite a useful tool you can count on.

Lucky 63 Bet Calculator

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Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:
Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:
Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:
Places Offered: Tied Position: Number of Runners in Dead Heat:

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What is the Lucky 63 Calculator?

The Lucky 63 Calculator is a betting tool that can be used to work out the return from this system bet. The leading online bookmakers provide a free bet calculator. Bettors can use the tool to calculate the profit from a full range of bets.

The tool is useful for win and each way bets, accumulators and system bets. It saves time and will give an accurate calculation based on the information the users enters into the tool.

What is the Lucky 63 bet?

The Lucky 63 is a popular horse racing bet but it can be applied to other sports such as football. It is a system bet that brings together six selections in combinations from singles to a six fold.

There are 63 lines in a win bet and 126 bets in an each way bet.

The combinations are as follows:

  • 6 singles
  • 15 doubles
  • 20 trebles
  • 15 four folds
  • 6 five folds
  • 1 six fold accumulator

Total number of bets: 63. It is a Heinz with singles and that bet has 57 combinations.

Lucky 63 Calculator

How to use the Lucky 63 Calculator

The basic principles behind a bet calculator are the same regardless of the bet. When you use the Lucky 63 tool you enter the outcome of the six selections and the odds. If it is an each way bet you must enter the place terms associated with each race.

Each way bets are calculated based on the type of race and number of runners. When the bet information has been entered users click the ‘Calculate’ button. The Lucky 63 version displays the return in seconds.

Here is a summary:

  1. Select Lucky 63
  2. Win or each way
  3. Enter the result for each selection
  4. Enter the place terms.
  5. Type in the odds.
  6. Press ‘Calculate’.

The Lucky 63 bet calculator displays the return from the bet.

Advanced Lucky 63 Calculator

There are a number of scenarios in horse racing that have to be taken into account when using the Lucky 63 calculation tool. It is rare but some horse races end as a dead-heat when the judge cannot separate two or more horses as they pass the finishing line.

If a horse is withdrawn and there is not enough time to reform the betting markets, Rule 4 Adjustments apply. The rule adjusts the Starting Price of the runners to compensate for the odds on the non-runner.

Dead heats and Rule 4 Deductions affect the outcome of the Lucky 63 bet calculator. Bookmaker bonuses are another factor in the Lucky 63 calculator process. These bonuses enhance the odds which means the return from the bet is increased. Some offers double the odds and users must input the details to ensure that the Lucky 63 bet calculator has produced an accurate result.

Calculate returns from system bets

The benefits of using a bet calculator are more obvious for system bets. Singles, doubles, trebles and accumulators are single line bets that do not include other permutations. The advantages of the bet calculator are increased when it is an each way bet with different place terms.

The calculation is more complex if there are dead heat and Rule 4 deductions. The Lucky 63 calculator saves time and ensures accuracy if the user enters the bet details accurately.

Choose between odds format

Odds can be expressed in a number of formats. The traditional format in UK betting offices and on racecourses is fractional. This default format can be changed to decimal and American. The Lucky 63 bet calculator works in the same way and returns the same outcome regardless of the odds format.

Odds of 2/1 in fractions equate to 3.0 in decimals as the stake unit is included. The user of the Lucky 63 calculator decides which format to use when entering the odds.

Enter each-way bets

An each way bet is actually two bets: the win element and place element. In UK horse racing there are 1 to 4 horses in the payout places, including the race winner. Some bookmakers offer extra places on high profile races. There could be six payout places in some races.

The win odds are reduced by one quarter or one fifth for each way bets. The Lucky 63 tool takes into account the place terms when working out the return from an each way bet.

Why use the Lucky 63 Calculator

The Lucky 63 is a complex system bet that includes 63 permutations. An each way lucky 63 is made up of 126 bets. Accurately calculating the return manually is time consuming and more likely to produce errors. The value of any calculator is dependent on input of information accurately. This applies to system bets but given correct entry of the bet details, the Lucky 63 calculator is a useful betting tool.

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The Lucky 63 bet calculation tool is a popular betting service. Potential new customers may consider the betting tool but are more likely to assess the welcome offer. These offers can be claimed using a bonus code and here are the codes associated with some of the UK’s leading bookmakers:

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