Mayweather vs McGregor: Bookies expecting to take £250 million on ‘Fight of the Century’

Mayweather vs McGregor set to break betting records. With a week to go, bookmakers are taking £6m more than previous fights. McGregor at shortest odds to date following glove announcement.

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Connor McGregor are a week away from their highly anticipated boxing match and excitement is building as fans and punters have their say on how the unique fight will pan out between the undefeated American and the face of UFC, McGregor.

The Irishman’s odds have been shortening in recent weeks and new betting industry analysis has revealed that over 2,000 bets on the fight have been placed in the UK, 40% of which are backing a McGregor victory.

The wave of betting for the UFC star has resulted in recording-breaking figures for stakes placed. With a week still to go, total bets on the fight have surpassed £15m, which is a 67% increase on the previous record.

Following the news that the glove weight will be dropped for the fight, betting analysts at Bonus Code Bets have looked at what else punters should consider when deciding where to place their money, including KOs and the number of punches landed.

Probabilities to win over time

Mayweather vs McGregor win predictions

Despite the percentage of bets placed on Mayweather to win decreasing month-on-month since its peak in March, it’s widely accepted that he will be victorious. It is considered a case of how and when, rather than if, Mayweather will claim the win.

Here are some odds to consider as to how Mayweather might brush McGregor aside:

6/4 – Mayweather to win and under 7.5 rounds
11/8 – Mayweather to win by KO in rounds 6 -12
9/2 – Mayweather to win by stoppage or McGregor’s corner throwing in the towel
5/2 – Mayweather to win on points and by a margin of over 9.5 points on all three judges’ scorecards

Betting on punches landed during Mayweather vs McGregor fight

Experts are saying McGregor will find it difficult to land punches, with some predicting as little as 10 hits across the full 12 rounds and the bookies are in agreement, with odds of 4/6 on McGregor to land fewer than 30 punches, 6/1 not to land a punch in round one and 50/1 to fail to land a single punch during the whole fight.

Mayweather vs McGregor knockouts

Despite his defensive style, Mayweather is very much odds-on to leave McGregor on the canvas.

Here’s the odds of the fight ending in a KO:

4/6 – Mayweather to win by KO
7/2 – McGregor to win by KO
11/8 – Mayweather to win by KO in Rounds 6-12
16/1 – Either fighter to win by KO in the first minute of the fight or last minute of round 12
200/1 – Both fighters to be knocked out simultaneously