Yankee Bet Calculator

You can find all the info you need about the Yankee bet in our detailed article, and our handy Yankee Bet Calculator is here to calculate your potential winnings. Read up if you want to find out more.










What is a Yankee Bet Calculator?

Everyone who is interested in sports betting knows that there are many different types of bets you can make, both rather straightforward and those pretty complicated ones. When it comes to the latter, landing a successful bet can be somewhat tricky.

One such bet is a Yankee bet which consists of several various multiple bets, and calculating them all individually can be a daunting task and not entirely error-proof. That’s why you’ll be happy to know you can find a Yankee Calculator right here to help you out.

What is a Yankee bet?

If you are familiar with a Lucky 15 bet, then you might have some idea what a Yankee bet is. The only difference between them is that a Yankee bet does not entail four singles that the Lucky 15 does. Instead, it contains the following eleven bets spread over four selections:

  • 6 doubles,
  • 4 trebles,
  • 1 four-fold accumulator.

To have a winning Yankee bet, you need a minimum of two out of these four selections to be successful. However, this minimal number of winning selections will also bring minimal returns, which means that the more winners you select the greater your returns will be.

Let’s take a look at what a Yankee bet actually looks like. To keep things simple, we have chosen that we want all our four selections to be Winners, the first two with the odds of 1.80, and the other two 2.00. Our stake is going to be £10 per bet, meaning £110 in total. When we have entered all the required data in our Yankee calculator, we can see that our total return would be £619.60, and our total profit would amount to £509.60.

Yankee Bet Calculator

How to use the Yankee Bet Calculator?

Using our Yankee Calculator is very simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to make the most of it:

  1. Choose your four selections.
  2. Choose the stake amount you want to place and your prefered odds type.
  3. Select if you want an each-way bet or not.
  4. Fill in the designated field with odds as seen on a bookmaker’s website.
  5. Choose the result (Won, Placed Lost, or Void).
  6. See your total stake, total return, and total profit.

Advanced Yankee Bet Calculator functions

If you are looking for a number of advanced calculator functions, you’ll be happy to know that our calculator is equipped with those, as well. Keep on reading to learn more about some of them:

Calculate returns for system bets

Given that this type of bet consists of 11 bets spread over four selections, this means lots of calculating. This calculator comes in very handy when you have to calculate the returns for all of those bets that you want to stake.

Select your preferred odds format

This functionality enables you to select the odds format that you prefer, decimal (e.g. 1.25) or fractional (e.g. 1/4). You can typically choose the type of odds you prefer on a lot of the bookmakers’ websites, but there are still those that prefer displaying only one format. This can be confusing to some players who prefer using the one that is not featured, which is why having this option in our calculator is very helpful.

Enter each-way bets

You can calculate your returns on an each-way Yankee, as well. This bet doubles the original number of bets (11) to twenty-two. Each-way bets consist of two separate bets. For example, in horse racing, they entail betting on the horse to win in one bet and to place in the other.

Why use the Yankee Bet Calculator?

If you have already decided to place a Yankee bet, having a Yankee Calculator will both save you time and ensure that you do not make a mistake while calculating. Since there is a total of eleven bets in four selection that you need to calculate by hand, this leaves a lot of room for potential errors, especially if math is not one of your strong suits.

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