What is Matched Betting?

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You have probably come across Matched Betting offers and wondered what they entail. Our guide will cover all the basics related to Matched Betting, including info on match betting sites, and lots more. Read up for info.

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What does Matched Betting mean?

Matched Betting is a technique used by bettors to garner profit from free bets and other incentives that sportsbooks have to offer. You need to place multiple bets to trigger the offer. Mainly, you place one bet for a certain team to win, for example, and then another for the team not to win. Regardless of what happens in the match, you will have unlocked your free bets.

Types of Matched Betting

Two main types of matched betting offers that you are going to come across are those related to welcome offers and reload offers, for example. New customers who want to sign up with a brand can redeem the former, and existing customers of the brand can take advantage of the latter.

Risk-free Matched Betting

You might have seen this betting type referred to as risk-free or no risk matched betting. The reason behind this is that the core of this bet is not chance, but a simple mathematical equation. Placing multiple qualifying bets reduces the risk on your part. Though remember, nothing is ever truly ‘risk-free’ in betting. Matched Betting will not guarantee you anything.

Matched Betting

Matched Betting Explained

This portion of our article will cover the basics of placing this bet type, as well as provide an example. This will hopefully help you when you decide to take part in matched betting.

How to place a Matched Bet – Step-by-step guide

For example, if you want to take advantage of a matched betting welcome offer, you need to do the following.

  1. Open an account and make the required deposit.
  2. Place your back bet on the team of your choice.
  3. Place a lay bet on the betting exchange.

An example

Say that an online sportsbook is offering a “Bet £10 get £20 in free bets.” You need to make a qualifying bet in the required amount after you have opened your account. Then you need to put £10 back bet on a team to win. After that, you place a lay bet. (Now you are betting against that team, and matching your back bet.) After the match is over, one of these two bets comes through. Additionally, you have unlocked the free bets amounting to £20.

Matched Betting Tips

When it comes to matched betting tips, one of the best we can give you is to use a Matched Betting spreadsheet. It will help you keep track of your profit and current balance.

Matched Betting on horse racing

Horse racing betting markets enjoy great popularity. It goes without saying that you can place a matched bet on horse races, too. You need to find the horse racing promotion you want to take part in. Select the horse you want to bet on. After that find that race on the betting exchange. You can use a Matched bet calculator to work out your lay stake correctly before placing your lay bet. Lastly, confirm your bet.

Matched Betting on other sports

The process of placing these bets is similar when it comes to all other sports. You can follow our simple step-by-step guide to make sure you have done it correctly.


Take a look at some of the most common questions regarding this topic.

How much do I get back on Matched Betting?

This depends on the offer. You can find an example of this bet in our article above.

Where can I place a Matched bet?

As this is a very popular bet type, you can place it with almost all online operators nowadays.

How can I place a Matched bet?

Take a look at our article above for a step-by-step guide.

Does Matched Betting work?

With so many people interested in this type of betting, we can safely say that its popularity is understandable. Due to the fact that this bet type is frequently featured on various sportsbook sites, there is no reason to believe that it doesn’t work.

Is Matched Betting legal?

Yes, it is completely legal.

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